SLP Meeting December 13th.

Posted by MJ

From the press release:

Save Lockport Housing would like to invite the public to attend an informational meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 7pm at the Old Post Office located on the corner of Main St. and Elm St.
Save Lockport Housing is a citizen based advocacy group whose primary focus is to work toward the elimination of blighted and nuisance housing on the City of Lockport using public resources for economic development, social intervention, and neighborhood revitalization.
Everyone who is concerned about housing and how it affects our daily lives is encouraged to attend and be involved.


Anonymous said...

How ironic, their current website has a page WARNING everybody that a house on Washburn St doesn't have space for the REQUIRED tow cars per apartment parking and they bet the owners will ask for a variance!! DUH, then why did the leaders of this group fight so hard for HV to also break our city ordinances and get variance for less parking then required?
Pot calling kettle black?

MJ said...

It appears there concern is directed at no front yard parking.

A year ago on when I was still on Zoning Appeals a single family home came up asking for front yard parking (bought without a driveway). It was denied. I doubt any variance for front yard parking would be given here.

The biggest problem is the on-street parking ban in a dense urban area. If the city desires to keep it, he city should be more liberal with street parking permits but at the same time charge a lot more for them. The money could be turned into new street trees in the area etc.

MJ said...

Also the blurb you point to comes off as off-putting with the sarcasm and over sensationalism. I'm the type that just wants to see the facts. I'd like to see them stick to that.

It's a big house in a dense depressed area. Reuse will only help. An empty corner lot will not. Lets see some obstacles listed pertaining to the unique property and possible solutions listed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it is the same thing as the variances for HV. My thought was when they gave HV variances that it would be unfair/illegal not to give others variance also. I agree with you about on street parking, but believing this city is not progressive enough for that exactly what are the owners of this property to do? Spend $1M of taxpayer money on it like HV to tear it down and build something smaller? Leave it vacant?
Yes, I was being sarcastic, I still think it is very hypocritical of them to put an internet page up warning people that someone is going to be asking for the same variances they received.

MJ said...

I do not recall any HV variance being for front yard parking. If allowed front yard parking the 2-space code may have been met. I'd rather not have paved front yards.

I can see your point though if the "2-space" is the main thrust and not the front yard parking.

As I said though, I'm more concerned about their wording and the vibe it gives, true or not.

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