Proposed NFTA Cuts

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The Buffalo News reported on the proposed NFTA service cuts. Although it does not specifically note Lockport in the article the linked PDF pretty much shows all Lockport services being eliminated.

#44   Lockport  Service eliminated past Cross Point to Lockport
#55   Pine          Service eliminated between NCCC and Lockport
#64   Lockport  Express to DT Buffalo eliminated
#201 Lockport  Metro Link around City/Town eliminated

That a public transportation authority serving Niagara and Erie counties would cut off a population center of 40k people of which a good portion of the residents are lower income seems very irresponsible. So much for those of meager income reverse-commuting to the burbs for work or having cheap reliable transportation to educational opportunities.

...Still, just about all authority commissioners acknowledge some other method of sustaining the operation is needed, especially because decreasing state aid and proceeds from the local mortgage recording tax paint a gloomy fiscal picture for the years ahead.

Minkel said commuters will have a chance in the new year to participate in required public hearings that will be held in various locations around Erie and Niagara counties.

NFTA spokesman C. Douglas Hartmayer emphasized that route eliminations and layoffs will result only after the public has weighed in on the draft plans unveiled Monday...
Is this an attempt to grab attention from state/local government? Either way local users and government better speak up.

UPDATE 12-21-11

The LUSJ reported on the subject and noted contact information for the NFTA.
...Written comments can be sent by e-mail to planning@nfta.com, or by regular mail to Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, 181 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14201, attn: Service Planning Department.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I figured we were due for some cutbacks, have you ever seen anybody on the buses driving around Lockport? BUT, with these Niagara County cutbacks it seems like the county politicians should also cut back how much we give to the NFTA. Cut us, we should cut them!

Pete said...

On this, I wholeheartedly agree with George.

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