Credit Cards for City Bills?

Posted by MJ

Please let it be done. It has been annoying in the past to go to city hall only to have to run to the ATM. The Buffalo News reported.

The City of Lockport soon may join the list of municipalities that accept credit card payments for taxes and bills.

The Common Council’s financial task force, headed by Alderman Kenneth M. Genewick, discussed the matter Wednesday and discovered that it wouldn’t cost much to make credit card payment options available....

...That firm told Genewick it would charge the city $100 for each card swipe machine, $20 a month for its services, and would add a user fee of 63 cents plus 2.8 percent of each payment to the bill of the person paying.
For large payments, it offers an electronic check service that would cost a flat $2.50....


Nucks said...

I would love to able to pay my extremely high property taxes and water bills with a credit card but why would I want to get ripped off by the City even more by having to pay a 2.8% surcharge plus a fee to be able to do it. Wow, Ken makes it sound like a great deal. With him negotiating a deal for us it's no wonder Lockport is the highest taxed City in the highest taxed County in the highest taxed State in the Nation!

Ray-Lockport said...

Just pay by personal check. I mean you get a bill before you go down there. It's not like they spin a wheel when you get there.

MJ said...

The city is not allowed to add the 3% on by state law I believe. That has always been the hangup in allowing electronic payment since it would cut into the city's funds.

People still use personal checks? ;) Kidding a bit but I'd be hard pressed to even locate mine. I know they are in the house somewhere though. I usually have to search for them when the water bill comes due. I think it is the only bill I still have that requires me to use them.

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