Nuisance Law Update

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The Buffalo News and The LUSJ reported on the possible public comment session on Jack Smiths sponsored nuisance law which as been hibernating since early 2010.

Lame-duck Alderman Jack L. Smith Jr. said he has revived his proposed public nuisance law and will try to get it passed at the Common Council’s final meeting of the year Dec. 21

Smith, D-2nd Ward, ran into trouble with the proposal Wednesday, however, as none of his colleagues would second a motion to call a public hearing. Smith’s usual Council ally, Alderman Andrew D. Chapman, R-4th Ward, missed the meeting.

Council President Richelle J. Pasceri, R-1st Ward, said no hearing should be called until the full text of the law was in the hands of the aldermen.

A special Council meeting next Wednesday will consider calling the hearing, although Smith said he will give up the plan altogether if Chief Building Inspector Jason Dool feels it places too great a burden on his staff.

“I probably wasn’t going to bring it back before I left [office], but the pre-election process and the people I met showed me we do have some problems we have to attend to,” said Smith, whose run for mayor failed in the Democratic primary. “I think there’s a couple of incidents this would have helped.”....

The document is here on Scribd.


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