Lockport's Awarded State Funding

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Lockport gets $660,000 portion of the $100M in extra funding coming to WNY. The Buffalo News and The LUSJ reported. reported. Summary PDF of the individual projects is here.

For years, the Harrison Place building on Walnut was a sign of Lockport’s economic success, as radiators were pumped out every day for General Motors vehicles.

Now, the building’s usage could be another sign of economic improvement for the city.

The Western New York Regional Council was one of the four winning councils in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s revamped program for allocating state dollars for economic development projects. The Regional Economic Development Council program gave the Western New York grouping $100.3 million, $8.7 million of which is heading to Niagara County projects.

The City of Lockport had two of the local winning projects, which involved Harrison Place and the home ownership program.

“We’re very excited,” said Lockport Mayor Michael W. Tucker. “It’s going to allow us to do some great things.”

Locally, the development of Harrison Place is a $260,000 project that will lead to the creation of 23 jobs, most of which will go to low- to moderate-income individuals.

Plans for Harrison Place include designing an entrance for Building 1 on Washburn Street. There’s also the creation of a permanent home for the Challenger Learning Center...

Update 12-12-11
Article from The Buffalo News focused on Lockport's share of the funding.


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