Walmart to Break Ground

Posted by MJ

Both The Buffalo News and LUSJ reported.

Work is expected to begin on the Town of Lockport’s Walmart Supercenter by the end of the year, according to what town officials were told last week.

Supervisor Marc R. Smith relayed the information to Town Board members at Monday afternoon’s work session meeting. The well known discount retailer’s public relations office spoke with Smith last week.

“We received word from Walmart that they are looking at starting site work no later than the end of December,” Smith said. “That would be water, sewer, electric and gas connections.”

However while additional details weren’t shared by Walmart with town officials, they should be available soon in the next few weeks, Smith said. The original timeline called for completion of the Walmart supercenter by November 2012....
 Only 8 years after initially announced. Not too bad...


darren said...

No progress! What's going on?????

Lockport Native said...

Buyers remorse? Maybe they are having second thoughts about investing that much money in Lockport. I have to believe that Supervisor Smith knows whats going on. He's just not telling.

MJ said...

Last report (10/31) was they were start by year's end on water and sewer work. Seeing it's only Jan I wouldn't be too concerned.

Anonymous said...

It the end of May....and STILL NOTHING?

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