Candidate Sites

Posted by MJ

Does anyone know of any sites for candidates in local races? I'd like to place them here. In today's electronic age I'd figure everyone would have one.

Here is a link to all of the races as listed by the Niagara County Board of Elections which runs all of them.

Niagara County - 13th district
Andrew Chapman
Keith McNall

Lockport City Mayor
Micheal Tucker
Michael Pillot

City of Lockport Alderman 1st Ward
Shirley Nicholas
Richelle Pasceri

City of Lockport Alderman 2nd Ward
Anne McCaffrey

City of Lockport Alderman 3rd Ward
Kathryn Fogle

City of Lockport Alderman 4th Ward
George A. Waskosky
Patrick W. Schrader

City of Lockport Alderman 4th Ward
Bret E. Pabon
Kenneth M. Genewick

City of Lockport Alderman at Large
Joseph C. Kibler


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