Garbage Bill to be $147...

Posted by MJ

...with 60 days to pay. The Buffalo News reported.

All City of Lockport property owners will receive a$147 garbage bill by the end of this month, City Treasurer Michael E. White said this week

The bill is the same for all properties and must be paid within 60 days, White said. The charge covers the cost of the city-run garbage pickup service from Jan. 1 until Modern Disposal took over Oct. 10. That cost was left out of the 2011 city budget and the taxes that were levied this past January.
However, the city’s general fund had to front the money to pay for the garbage service and now has to be repaid, City Clerk and Budget Director Richard P. Mullaney said at Wednesday’s Common Council meeting. White said the privatized garbage service will operate on an October- to-September fiscal year and the user fees will be billed semiannually, with the first bill expected in May.


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