Election Update

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The Buffalo News reported on the corrected election results:

...On Election Night, Tucker was reported the winner over Democratic challenger Michael J. Pillot by 200 votes, 2,297 to 2,097. But in the 2nd Ward, District 4, and the 4th Ward, District 3, Tucker’s vote was undercounted and Pillot’s was overstated. Correcting the errors makes the totals 2,345 for Tucker, 2,048 for Pillot. Absentee ballots have yet to be tallied.
Also closer than first reported was the 4th Ward alderman contest. Democrat Patrick W. Schrader was reported the winner over the GOP’s George A. Waskosky, 633 to 212. But two of the four districts in the ward reported wrong figures. The real result was Schrader winning 500 to 346...
The erroneous reports were first reported by the Buffalo News here.
They said the inspectors, many of them elderly people who just completed a 16-hour work day, incorrectly copied the totals from the ballot scanners onto forms that were used to generate the Election Night results posted on the board’s web-site

“It should be easy, but they make mistakes. That’s why the results are unofficial,” Casamento said.
plus swinging open doors....
Meanwhile, the commissioners said no ballots were lost or stolen in an incident Election Night in which several ballot bags fell out of a truck hauling them to the Board of Elections storage site in Newfane.

A Lockport police report said an officer found four bags at Market and Exchange streets and opened one, finding votes inside. Smith said five other bags were found by a Market Street resident.


Karen said...

That is so ridiculous. It sounds like something you would see on TV. "The ballots fell off a truck." I must admit though that on voting day I thought that I should volunteer/work on Election Day next year because it seemed so unorganized and everyone seemed flustered with all the "new technology". It was kind of scary to think about what was going to happen to my vote.

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