Recycling's Continued Success

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported on the new city recycling program's continued strong start.

City officials say Lockport’s participation in recycling since the city began privatized garbage service has far exceeded expectations.
Dawn M. Timm, Niagara County environmental coordinator and a prime mover in the new program, said the amount of trash land-filled in the first four weeks of the new system was 33 percent less than in the same period in 2010, a figure she called “incredible.”...
What a huge reduction in the amount of land-filled waste. The large wheeled recycling tote is the biggest factor for me. We have filled it to the top before every pickup and our 94 gallon garbage tote is usually only 1/2 filled because of it. Past experiences with the small recycling crates in Lancaster showed them to be a PIA since all cardboard had to be completely broken down to fit and they quickly ran out of space resulting in a lot of recyclables heading to the trash.

I have noticed several of the smallest garbage totes overfilled every week. Those users will most likely start to get some bad news in the near future in the form of warnings and tickets. The best solution to me is to be friendly with your neighbors and share extra space when needed on a rare basis for free as opposed to buying tickets for extra bags. Otherwise take the free switch to a different size tote. The $5 a month between the smallest size and largest should not be too big of a burden.
...Besides the savings on the landfilling, which costs the city $30.73 per ton, the city will earn about $1,500 for selling the recyclables collected in the first month of the program, Timm said...
While a small sum in terms of the overall budget, I'd love to see these "green" proceeds going to a dedicated purpose such as new street trees etc.

As a reminder the city refuse and recycling website is here. It does note this is the last week for free "extra" item placement. As of December 5th, all extra items placed to the curb will reqiure an “Additional Item Tag/Sticker”.


Karen said...

I am a huge fan of the new garbage/recycling program. I much prefer seeing the nice neat totes lining the street than all the random knocked off garbage cans. Here's my one thought/question: Are we able to put whatever we want on the side of the tote? Because I happened to notice a tote at a residence advertising for a business. If so, maybe I will create a bunch of "ads" for my business and ask my friends & family to put them on their garbage totes. Hey, you can't beat free advertising! :)

Pete said...

The program is going great guns.
I was recently told that we're already MAKING money.
My only concern is the large item pick-up. The City guys would take away a household of furniture, your kitchen sink AND your mother-in-law if put to the curb.
I had occasion to use the "Garbage Hot-Line," my phrase, because I didn't understand something. The woman who returned my call, Heather Peck, was knowledgeable and swift with a number of different solutions to my issue.
Great job to all involved!

Anonymous said...

I think the program is a great idea but playing devils advocate I am not that pleased with the aesthetics of it. I don't like seeing all the bright blue and pink cans alongside the road all day long. Driving today down Lincoln Ave I saw all the bright cans on one side of the ride and on the town side I saw bags and some brown/green cans that didn't stand out as obviously as the city side. Driving by a few hours later I only saw a few cans on the town side while all the city cans were still there.
I'm glad recycling is taking off and making money, especially since it seems like using a totally unscientific eyeball poll probably about a third of the people are doing it. It's funny, you will see sections of streets where everybody recycles, then sections where nobody does. Peer pressure! If we can get more people recycling it will escalate I bet.

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