Lockport Local Waterfront RP

Posted by MJ

At tonight's council meeting there wil be a comment period on the Lockport Waterfront Revitalization Program. The 192 page document is here. Thank you to the Mayor, Jack and Andy for working on getting it to me. In the big scheme of things any document such as these should be easily available over at eLockport.

The Buffalo News reported on it last week.

The city aims to rezone several areas along the Erie Canal and Eighteen Mile Creek to implement a waterfront plan that has been on hold for several years.
However, in most instances, the rezonings would simply codify the existing uses of the land, Corporation Counsel John J. Ottaviano said.
A public hearing will be held at the Common Council meeting at 6 p. m. Wednesday on a law that would require development in the affected areas to comply with the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan....
I have not had a chance to look it over yet and I doubt many of you will prior to tonight. Feel free to give it shot anyways. I do like the effort to enact planning (when done right) into law so that it is consistantly followed.


Jack Smith said...

MJ- Congrats on your appointment to the Planning Board!

Xavier said...

I agree that documents such as this should be available on the web a week in advance of any vote. While I understand that there will be changes to the final document, it would give us peasants enough time to read the things prior to the meeting or public hearing.
The more the people know about this sort of thing, the fewer the complaints. All they'll have to say is "Did you read the thing?" If they haven't I would consider their input much less important.

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