North Adam St Bridge

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported that the N. Adam St bridge will close at the beginning of the canal season with no "repair" date in sight:

...The DOT is concerned about the deteriorating condition of the lift mechanism for the bridge, which underwent $300,000 worth of emergency repairs during a three-month closure in 2000.

On April 28, which Tucker said is expected to be opening day for canal navigation, the bridge will be raised and not lowered again. The DOT’s letter said it is investigating whether the bridge should be repaired or removed.

It could be a long wait for action, he said. The other lift bridge on nearby Exchange Street was closed in 1993 and not reopened until a new $3.1 million span was built in 2000...
Lockport most likely does not have the traffic load in lower town to necessitate two lift bridges so close together. Through they do add to the atmosphere of the canal in that area. I do not look forward to years of construction barriers surrounding a permanently raised bridge.


Kim said...

Ugh. I take that bridge all the time, driving to and from work. I also think it adds a lot of aesthetic value to that area. I hope it is repaired quickly.

Anonymous said...

Remember this is Lockport. Why take pride in anything historic in Welfareville. Build another low income project.

Anonymous said...

Everything historic that is torn down in Lockport should be renamed "Rotondo". It's a "kickback" to the old days.

Xavier said...

Those of you who "know" me, know I use Adam Street all the time. I rarely use Exchange Street unless I'm playing a little game I call "How to get across the Canal the fastest without sitting in the car waiting for the bloody bridge to go down."
I see another attack on HV. You DO realize that the Canal - including the bridges - is controlled by the State Thruway Authority, right?
I wholeheartedly agree with MJ that the worst case scenario is for NYState to raise both ends of Adam Street only to leave them raised forever with lots of orange objects which attempt to stop idiots from driving into the drink.
IMO, living on top of it, Adam Street gets a lot more traffic than Exchange Street and definitely adds to the ambience of the Canal and the City as a whole.
As the picture above illustrates, it's a part of the canal and the City. I probably have 100 pictures which include that bridge - none as well done as the one above.
Fix it and fix it fast, please. The best day of the year is when "they" start refilling the Canal. That's when I know Spring is really here.

Xavier said...

It's definitely Spring! There's water in the canal and a State barge went through today, requiring them to raise Adam Street. The sound of that bell is yet another harbinger of Summer. YAY!!

Jennifer Shields said...
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Jennifer Shields said...

The New York State Canal Corporation, a subsidiary of the New York State Thruway Authority is quietly planning to demolish the Adam St Lift Bridge in Lockport, NY, a bridge listed on the National Register of Historic Places, before anyone knows what is happening!!!!!

They have very quietly just removed the traffic signals which a canal employee indicates is indicative of plans to demolish the Adam St Lift Bridge, a unique surviving example of a unique and rare design.


Please tell everyone that you know to contact State Senator Robet Ortt and tell him you want this historic bridge saved: http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/robert-ortt/contact
Phone: 716-434-0680 Fax: 716-434-3297

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