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Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported:

Two city aldermen have announced ward meetings.

Alderman Jack L. Smith Jr. will host a ward meeting for his 2nd Ward constituents from 9 to 11 a. m. Saturday in the Lockport Public Library, 23 East Ave.Smith said the subject matter will include the 2010 annual reports of the Police, Fire and Building Inspection departments.
Alderman Kenneth M. Genewick will host the 5th Ward meeting at 6:30 p. m. March 31 in City Hall. Discussion of general topics is anticipated.
Get out. Ask your questions.


Anonymous said...

seems like Mr. Smith's meeting is a Jack Smith runs the city meeting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he can update us on the school district as well. Looks like him on the US&J front page.

Xavier said...

Is there something wrong with this?
He has kids in the school district. I'd rather have a father who cares about his kid's education than the typical (these days) fathers who don't give a good g.d.
I am NOT saying all fathers are schmucks. Most are a heck of a lot better than they were when we were kids - except as was pointed out in another thread - we didn't have to deal with kids whose fathers were crack addicts or otherwise unavailable.
Ours just told our moms to take care of that kind of stuff. And they did.

MJ said...

Let's see, an aldreman offers to talk to anyone about city issues at a set time and date in public and people complain.

An alderman puts his name on the line and gives his thoughts on the school district in which his children attend and people complain.

I think the equation goes:
anything = complain.

A favorite old quote (cleaned up):
"Yeah, and question authority...
But not for the sake of argument
But because you took the time to analyze it
and you found a better...way
Just not a ... excuse to complain."

And it's true, most older generations only had to deal with the alchoholics...

Anonymous said...

M J you must understand, the people that are complaining are part of the "Good Ole Boy" network. They are upset to see someone interested in "attempting" to make government more accessible. They prefer to be in control of everything and are bitter when someone out there may have fresh eyes or ideas.

MJ said...

Maybe partially. Though it's human nature to want to point to scapegoats while waiting for things to change around us.

Nobody's perfect. People who get stuff done need to be flexible in their ideas while also being resolute to bring things to completion. Mistakes are made but you aim to see them learned from.

People who interact with those voted in to get things done need to be able to come forward with their concerns and share thier ideas on solutions for us to move forward. Venting frustrations and belittling accomplishes nothing positive. but maybe that's enough for most people.

Just because someone fails does not make them a bad person. Maybe not the right person for the task at hand but they should at least be thanked for the effort they put forward to try to turn things around. Bring in the next person who we feel has the best chance to try to accomplish them and continue to do so.

If rust belt cities were easy to turn around there would be more than a couple examples of it around. Returning a small one to growth is almost an impossible task with the current set-up. I am very happy when someone can stabilize a place. I'd be estatic when someone could return one to growth mode. Or even see the effort to attempt progressive change instead of relying on the same planning/zoning/taxation/assessment of the past 60 years that slowly led us to where we are at.

Xavier said...

Very well said, MJ. If only... & I have, VERY rarely, been one of the whiners. I've learned a lot just by becoming engaged. They have tough jobs and they're never going to please everyone all the time.
I think Andy Chapman did a heck of a brave thing - although he sees it as a sound business decision - to put Pat Schrader on this Fire Committee. No one knows the LFD like Pat, and Andy asked, and Pat agreed.
We need more people like that around this place.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr.Smith style of involvement is exactly what what we need to turn around the rust belt cities. Just spend millions on low income housing and take a stand against everything else. His kind of concern is lost on me.

Anonymous said...

Hits the nail right on the head!


Anonymous said...

The have a thankless job because there boss wants to make every decision and wants no opposition thats why he likes Pasceri and Mckenzie they do what ever he wants even if its not for the good of the city.

Anonymous said...

...and Jack Smith doesn't? He'd be far worse.

Anonymous said...

But a guy who has no past with only two years in any public office should be handed the city? You can also throw in all the religin stuff and his promise to onlt serve one term and here we go. I guess to both these guys one term means one term in any 1 position. Thats not right.

Moe said...

no we should give the President of Common Council, the acting Mayor, to which of the council seats...Richelle Pasceri??? get serious...

"He has no past", he's a drifter, or maybe a secret Muslim??? You people are nuts!

G.I. Joe said...

typical Anonymous B. S.

If you can run a business....you can run the city.
It's the personnel problems, and lack of people skills that cause most managers to fail, and after all isn't that what we want...a "City Manager"? We don't need another power broker or ideolog to shove his political agenda down our throats.It's time to run this city like a publicly owned business. It's time to stop all of the favoritism. It's time to look closely at the GLDC. There are a lot of questions..it's time we got some answers.

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