Davidson Road Project

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The LUSJ reported that an out of state developer who won the bidding for the old county Davidson Road Facilities.

A Washington state-based real estate developer is eyeing 17 acres along Davison Road for a multi-phase condominium and medical office building project.

Don MacLeod of Tacoma, Wash., spoke to the county Legislature’s administration committee about his aspirations Tuesday night.

MacLeod’s brother, Douglas MacLeod, submitted the high bid for the Davison Road Complex, former site of a county infirmary and Social Services offices, in an online auction several months ago....

...Their thought for the Davison Road complex is to develop condominiums for senior citizens, 55 and older, and “ancillary” medical space, perhaps an urgent care facility in the old infirmary building if it’s preservable, MacLeod said.

“We looked at this property and just fell in love with it,” he said. “We want to make this a community.”...

...MacLeod arrived in the area within the past few days and said he plans to stay here about two weeks to look over the property more thoroughly and meet with county
We discussed the original real estate listing here last September.


LoneWolf said...

Glad someone picked this up and is trying to do something with it.

Now its going to be a "wait and see" aspect.

would be intesting to see howe much it acctually went for ..

Hopefully this "developer" isnt just "blowing smoke" and will acctuallu come through with that they are saying they are going to do.

Will defiantely be interesting.


LoneWolf said...

Opps..I see in the full article the ammount they offered..

And for that much land that is quoted as it being .. that really NOT a bad price($160,000) for that ammount of land.. considering that some houses on Windemere go (or have had a selling price) for about that much .

Anonymous said...

I heard of people complainig because they like to walk their dogs on the land.Most that do never clean up their pets mess afterwards.Thats why they go there so they don't have to clean it up out of their own yard.I have been out there for years practicing baseball in the spring and there are dog feces all over the place.On any single day,in a two-hour span,5 to 10 different cars pulling up and just letting their dogs run loose.I've witnessed it myself.I've seen kids being chased by these dogs.And for the comment I read recently about the An/Jo baseball league 800 kids that play out at the baseball complex,only about 400 or less are actually An/Jo players.Most of them are from New Era Baseball,they arrived a few years ago and have been trying to take that complex over.Many kids practicing their have been told that they couldn't by these New Era people.This is county property if I'm not mistaken,not New Era's or even An/Jo's.

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