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The LUSJ reported that several people are trying to revive the quest for a new Lockport City School District Althletic Complex.

The proposed sports complex at Lockport High School might become a topic of conversation again.

Almost two years to the day it was defeated, a group of speakers asked the Board of Education Wednesday night to reconsider the $6 million project. Originally part of the high school capital project as its second proposition, the complex was voted down 1,797 to 1,296 by district residents in a December 2008 vote. The first proposition was approved 1,708 to 1,442 and is the $23.5 million construction work currently being done on the school.

Greg Bronson, Lockport varsity football head coach, high school teacher and parent, said athletics push students to high levels of achievement. Such a facility would be able to generate revenue, Bronson said, an important factor considering the financial situation school districts face this year. Playing in a complex could draw people to the district, he added...
Old discussion on topic here.
The Buffalo News reported on forewarnings of another tough budget year for the district:
Lockport School Board members raised serious concerns about the upcoming budget season Wednesday, as several residents called on the board to revisit constructing a new athletic complex.

The possibility of a 2 percent cap on property tax levies — similar to one advocated by Gov.-elect Andrew M. Cuomo— could result in severe cuts to school district budgets next year, Superintendent Terry Ann Carbone said.

Lockport’s levy would be capped at about $600,000, which would mean a $1.5 million cut in expenditures.

Board member Edward Sandell said he expects the board will face at least a $5 million budget gap next year...


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