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The Buffalo News reported on the feedback from the prospective bidders.

Three garbage haulers warned the city Wednesday that it needs to become more specific about what it wants in a privatized garbage and recycling program if wants a good price...

Some items to note from the 69 page Refuse and Recycling RFP:

Page 27:
A maximum of one bulk item per customer per month (i.e. refrigerant free white goods).

Page 27:
The Contractor shall include an annual Spring Clean‐up Program that the City will elect to participate in each year. This service shall take place during the month of April and provide for the curbside collection and disposal of large and bulky items not ordinarily collected, without limitation, including items that would not/could not fit within the designated refuse totes. If the City exercises the option to host such an annual event, the City will publicize the collection dates for each area of the City.

Page 28:
Location for Service: For regular service, all containers shall be placed by the residential Customer at the curb of the residence on the day of scheduled collection by 6:00am unless otherwise agreed between the City and the Contractor. Each refuse cart must face the street (with lift bar facing the street) with additionally tagged item(s) adjacent to the refuse tote.

Page 31:
The City recognizes the costs associated with providing weekly curbside recycling collection; therefore the city will entertain proposals for both weekly curbside and twice monthly curbside recycling collection.

Page 36:
The Contractor shall be responsible for the uninterrupted collection of recyclables at the curbside of Multiple Unit, Commercial or Industrial parcels that have special “Commercial Contracts” for City Multi‐unit (4 and greater) and Commercial accounts that are not located on “Commercial Streets”.

Page 37:
All proposers are required to submit a proposal that provides program subscribers with an additional option to dispose of additional materials that are too large to fit in a refuse container, but less than 50 lbs in total weight. The City anticipates that the new refuse tote program may occasionally require users to exceed their maximum disposal limit, therefore affording program users a convenient option to dispose of additional refuse. Each additional item or bag will require each user to purchase an additional tag to cover the disposal costs associated with the additional items they wish to dispose

Appendix A was some interesting maps of residential ve non-residential. Appendix D has a nice break down of occupied city parcels and all buildings with 4 or greater residential units. I'll post both images in a separate general info post.


Click here to see more...

The LUSJ reported that the city had posted the initial garbage system RFP and will be having a Q&A with possible bidders before issuing the final RFP next month.
The city will be hosting a meeting for garbage haulers Wednesday to answer questions about the bidding process for its new privatized refuse system.

The first version of the request for proposals was posted on the city’s web-site last week.

The 69-page document lays out the city’s ideas for a new system, which includes giving residents a choice among three sizes of garbage totes and issuing a recycling bin to each household...
I could not find the document on the city site.
...Comments are due by Dec. 29. After that, the city will revise where needed and issue the bid documents with a 30- day response window, according to Common Council President Richelle J. Pasceri, R-1st Ward.

“I would be surprised if we didn’t have multiple bids,” Pasceri said. “That means the city residents are winners, if we have multiple bids.”

The city envisions giving residents a choice among 35-, 65-and 95-gallon totes, with different user fees for each. The 18-gallon recycling bin will be the same for everyone.

Haulers will be asked to supply the totes and bins, but the city envisions paying off totes over five years. They will be considered city property...


Anonymous said...

the 69 page rfp is located under the city tab at the top and the under the engernering tab and then in the righthand side of site

Rocketboy said...

Thanks anon.. here's a direct link..


Anonymous said...

Thank you.....I was distracted when I opened the "Brownfields Opportunity Area" draft report. Link added to new section of post.

Maverick Johnson said...

Joseph Scaffidi, general manager of Allied, said the city shouldn’t build a garbage plan to mollify abusers of the system.

I think this quote says it all.

This one is pretty good to:

Scaffidi said he thought starting the new system April 1 was too aggressive a schedule. Mullaney told the Council later Wednesday, “He’s right, but if we don’t make it aggressive we might be doing it in 2012. I almost said 2013.”

Rushing the process as I've said before. Slow down, get it right. Why can't they understand this??

Anonymous said...

As far as timing goes, think about the mess it is going to be to give every unit a custom sized container. Then think about the theft and 'lost' containers that are going to occur.
I would suggest they look at the way the town does it, just put a limit on the number of containers out per week at least for the first year. This could be implemented right away.
And the spring cleanup week is a stupid idea. I think in the town if you want to do that you call the collector and work out a price for them to pick it up.
This won't help separate the big users vs. the small, but it will start the process and then allow the containers to be phased in.
Use the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle, get it going then worry about totes!
Recycling bins should be included right away though.
Oh, and don't forget a private company will probably only need 2 or 3 days to pick up the city, not 5. Remember, the city can even do 2 days of pickups in 1 day if there is a holiday, a private company will probably pick up 2-3 days of garbage in one!

Anonymous said...

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