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LUSJ reported that local surgeons are looking to turn the long vacant building at 160 East Ave into an ambulatory center though it faces several hurdles.

A public hearing will be held Friday on a local medical outfit’s request for tax breaks to develop offices and an ambulatory surgery center on East Avenue.

The hearing, at 3:45 p.m. Friday at Lockport City Hall, is for Great Lakes Surgical Associates, whose shareholders include Lockport general surgeons Dr. Jeffrey Schratz and Dr. Robert Hodge.

The outfit is seeking an agreement with Niagara County Industrial Development Agency for sales and mortgage tax exemption, and 10 years of property tax exemption, on redeveloped property at 160 East Ave. A vote on the PILOT request could be held next week.

The surgeons have proposed renovating the existing building to house their practice, currently at Elizabeth Drive, and provide extra space for a four-unit ambulatory surgery center for eye, ears-nose-throat, gastroenterology and orthopedic specialists....
One of the hurdles is findnig a way to play nice with Eastern Niagara Hospital, who's approval would be needed:
Lougen acknowledged Great Lakes Surgical Associates’ bid to build an ambulatory surgery center may face resistance from Eastern Niagara Hospital Systems, since realistically ambulatory centers compete with hospitals for surgical business. NCIDA board Chairman Henry Sloma, a health care management expert, noted the state will be looking for the hospital’s support of Great Lakes’ application for a certificate of need.

“I expect that may be difficult,” Lougen said. “We would not look to take business from the hospital, we would hope to enhance services (for) the hospital,” by helping attract medical specialists to the area.
Hopefully they can find a working agreement to bring some more professionals downtown and bring new life into a vacant building.


Laurie said...

I agree it would be a positive development.

Tangentially, did anyone else receive the notice/request for support from the hospital regarding new in 2011 live-in adolescent psychiatric care recently?
I can't remember if I knew and forgot or didn't know, but I was mildly jarred at the idea of severe inpatient teenagers residing in the area so close in time and proximity to troubled cases at the (former?) group home.

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