Quck note - Just Energy Sales

Posted by Black Phillip

It looks like Just Energy is canvassing Lockport.  A few things you should know...
A: Never show your bills to someone who comes to your house. 
B: Never sign a contract without having the time to look into it fully.  If someone needs you to sign something "right now", then there's a reason they don't want you to do any research into what you are signing.

C: Make sure to check out the company's reputation before you do sign any long-term contracts.

I'll just leave these links here...

The Power of Persuasion - High pressure energy sales

Deceptive "Just Energy" Salespeople Cruising Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

I think I had them stop by a few years ago. All these fast talking promises. I gave them my phone number to leave me alone saying that I need more information. 5 Min later I get a high pressure phone call. I just keep asking to see some figures/comparisons etc before I'll commit to anything. They finally gave in and said yes, they will send something. I'm still waiting to receive it. ;)

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