From Buffalo News:

Polls will be open from noon to 9 p. m. Tuesday. Voting sites include the high school for those who live outside the city limits.
Voting will also take place in Washington Hunt Elementary School for the 1st Ward; the Board of Education offices for the 2nd Ward; Anna Merritt Elementary for the 3rd Ward; Charles A. Upson Elementary for the 4th Ward; and Roy B. Kelley Elementary for the 5th Ward.

Article also further explains funding:

Coder said that’s because of the rules for the state building aid on which the district is depending to pay for the projects.

She said the athletic complex “would not be aidable if it passes on its own, because [projects eligible for aid] have to be connected to work in a building.”

Schrader said even if everything passes, there’s no guarantee the project would be built. The district will have to send a formal funding request to the state Education Department, which isn’t required to say yes.

“The state could refuse. Economic climate, whatever,” Schrader said.

Coder said the district plans to sell $26 million worth of 15-year bonds to borrow money for the project. The principal and interest costs of the bonds are supposed to be 90 percent covered by state aid.

The remainder of the coverage comes from slightly over $3 million in a district capital reserve fund and $940,000 from a state grant that’s already in hand through a program called EXCEL, for “Expanding Our Children’s Education and Learning.”

No matter what your choice, get out and vote tomrrow: Tuesday the 16th.

Older post/dicussion here: Lockport Schools: Capital project


Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Only the faculty knows ;)

I wish I had that link to the ward maps!

Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Is there more info than I already posted above? I could not find it on the WLVL site. I did notice the reference to Ulrich's paid ad to vote "No".

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