Thanksgiving Lull

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(Image: my first T-day back in 1976. Photo by my grandfather)

Welcome to December. I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. This discussion blog for Lockport has passed two-weeks old with few issues. Thank you to everyone who has visited (292 unique visitors since I started tracking). I'm pleasently surprised.

This started out as a place to avoid some of the lack of respect to posters found elsewhere and to be a place to preserve ideas where they will not be removed after a certain period of time. The biggest "complaint" so far has been the ease of finding new comments, especially for older posts. Most users who frequent forums are used to the threads with the most recent comments getting moved to the top. Unfortunately that is not an option in this format which is more time of post driven. For those registered to comment, you do have the option of following comments to that post by selecting "Subscribe by e-mail" which I show below highlighted in yellow. You can also un-subscribe thru the same process. Comments will appear in your e-mail without having to check here for them.

I also have the side bars showing 5 recent comments (not necessarily the 5 latest) and a link to see the last 25 comments posted to the blog. I also show which posts I have updated with new information/links/pictures/etc. If I can make anything else easier, please let me know by e-mail which can be found in my profile or leave a comment in this post Thank you to those that have given feedback so far.

As for the "lull" portion of my title, I did not come across anything post-inspiring in the LUSJ or the Buffalo News over the Thanksgiving break. I do have a couple topics non-article related which I will be posting on soon. If anyone has any topics, as always please let me know. I hope that more of those that used to post on the LUSJ forums will join back in. I enjoy conversing about where we live and what could make it better even if the veiws don't agree.


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