Google Street View has arrived in Lockport

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Well Google Street View finally has Lockport all "mapped" out. For those unfamiliar, GSV allows one to "virtually" walk down any street in an area where one of their vehicles has driven the street. A patented 11 lens roof mounted camera simultaneously takes hi-resolution images which are then stitched in software. More information here. You can even walk the streets of Rome.

There are also sights dedicated to "funny" images found in street view:
Best Pictures from Google Streetview

And of coarse there are several privacy related lawsuits on going over the use of this technology.
The picture of my house shows my front steps were yet to be stained, so I figure Google is still using the "at least 6 months old" imagery rule.

What do you think of this technology? I've found it useful when visiting new places. It makes it very easy to look for landmarks when on your way. With the imagery being at least 6 months old, I am not too concerned with privacy. Though if they had happened to have caught me landscaping in the front yard with plumbers crack showing, I'd be sure to request the image's removal.... ;)


Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree. Niagara Produce is still empty in its Brewhaus form and Washburn St. is intact up to Union St.

Liz said...

Boo, my recently purchased house looks like poop still from the previous owner, it looks much nicer now! Maybe they will update the pics sometime.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that it will be any time in the near future Liz. If you look at google's current aerials they are very outdated. Anyone looking for the canal concert location would have seen nothing there but the start of a foundation.

With the current picture, if anyone is looking for directions to your house, they will be pleasently surprised upon arrival ;)

jaws said...

Judging by the decorations in my front yard they drove by in beginning of Oct '07. Have a friend who was "captured" walking to her car parked on the street. Kind of freaked her out...you never know who is watching. The google earth overhead is probably 4 years old. The "new" Stevens st. bridge isnt completed.

Anonymous said...

If you see a vehicle with a big strange multi-lens camera on top.....duck and cover!

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