SPCA Winter Guidlines - Slow News Weekend

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(Image - our mutt in holiday decor)

Slow news weekend so I'll bring up the LUSJ article on winter guidelines for pets.

No major revelations there except maybe:
Dog owners should never let dogs off their leashes on snow or ice, because dogs
can easily lose their scents and get lost during a snowstorm. They may panic and
run away, Chille said.

Prior to winter I did some Internet searching on this topic and came away with our new dog needed booties because walking her in the snow was similar to me walking barefoot in the snow next to her. Well 3 out of the 4 booties shown above were MIA within one block from the house on the first snow walk. We have since reverted back to no booties, but instead take much shorter walks than those in the warmer months. Looking back over my life, I can not recall one dog amongst family or friends that used booties. Guess I was suckered into being over protective? ;)


Anonymous said...

From Kim (12/22/2008 2:28):
"We use Muttluks (http://www.muttluks.com/) for our Golden Retriever mix and she does great with them. She used to get snow stuck between her toes and it would turn to ice and her pads would get really raw. She's an indoor dog, but loves to be outside with us in the winter, so these were great for her! I don't recall ever having a problem with them falling down either, although they can be a bit pricey."

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