LPD Bike Auction.

Posted by MJ

LUSJ reporting the annual bike auction will be this Saturday at 9:30am. Over 100 bikes are available.

Of note:
Both Niethe and Schaffert said all money collected from the auction goes to the city’s general fund.

I'm always suspicious of any revenues such as these which disappear into the general fund. I'd love to see this money going toward making Lockport more enjoyable for bicyclists. Addtional bike lane striping, bike lock-up locations DT (similar to the Buffalo ones shown above), etc are all needed. Without dedicated funding they are often hard to come by and often need begging for grants. Why not create a dedicated (and relevant) funding source?


LoneWolf said...


I do agree with you, when you say " making Lockport more enjoyable for bicyclists

Especially since we have the "Canal Bike Trek" .. almost yearly through Lockport.

When they come thru... they are looking for at least "semi" secure spots to lock thier bikes up.

Something liek what you have a Pic of above .. or even a simple bike rack ...at any of the major tourist attraction here in Lockport would suffice... or even just at "odd places" woudl help as well ... rather than having peole lock up thier bikes to a light standanrd or a phone pole.

Anonymous said...

i agree with u both.... also it would be nice to see a bicycle shop here in lockport

MJ said...

The last bike shop I recall noticing was Shifting Gears near Big Lots. You figure a bike shop would be put in a location where it was reasonably safe/easy to bike to but then again this is the USA ;)

I can see wanting to have visibility in a hig traffic location. It would be nice to see some DT retailers share a billboard(s) on S Transit in the town. They would still have the visibility while still being able to be in a more bycicle/pedestrian friendly area.

On the same topic I'd also like to see a "Complete Streets" policy added to the city charter during the upcoming update.


Anonymous said...

That would be great to see that here.

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