Erie Canal Discovery Center Open

Posted by LoneWolf

Greetings all~

Erie Canal Discovery Center(Located across from the First Presbeterian Church @ Ontario and Chruch) is now ALSO open for tours ( as of yesterday)  9-5 Daily (unless otherwise noted on the website: Erie Canal Discovery Center )

My apologies, however, im not exactly sure of thier prices this year. Last year i belive it was 5$ or 6 $  for adults  4$ for kids. Might want to check out thier link posted above for full details.

I DO  encourage anyone who wants a bit more "in-depth"  and SELF GUIDED tour  of Lockport History to attend this.

The Staff there at the Discovery Center is always willing to help you with any questions you may have about the Center itself, as well as information about more of Lockport History. 

I do have to say from PERSONAL EXPERICE,  they did a darn good job of this place. As far as historical aspects and what have you.

Still in all my suggestion would be,  if you want a FULL EXPERINCE  of things known and not known there are many others places that MUST BE VISITED .. take the day to just peruse Lockport with places such as:  Discovery Center, Historical Societey, Cave Tour, Lock Cruise, and the Trolly Ride ( the last of which will be starting up in I believe June, will post details as soon as they are available).

All those, in and of themselves, WILL TAKE a good portion of your day, and will give you MORE THAN ENOUGH information about your own home town to last you a LONG TIME.




Anonymous said...

In past years the various tourist attractions offered a one price deal for the trolley, caves, history center, and canal cruise. Does anyone know if that will be offered again?

LoneWolf said...


You are correct they did ( not sure of this year yet it's... still early in the season ) ... but if they do I WILL post info in regards to that as soon as I find out info in regards to your question..


Anonymous said...

They are all great attractions.

I've always been surprised by the number of out of state plates on vehicles parked on the Pine St bridge at anytime during the warm months.

We have unique attractions. We need to concentrate on making a unique urban environment around them to benefit residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Rocketboy said...

I lived down on Market Street many moons back, and unless you saw the amount of out of state traffic and tour buses at the Lockport Locks tours, you'd never believe it.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we can keep them here longer with other things to entice them to stay.

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