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The city is still trying to replace a 1987 pumper and a grant is helping it along.

During the budget process a couple years back council members were questioning if a cheaper (and or smaller) one was available. While it may seem nice to have the biggest toy on the block, the fire department and their requests heavily reflect our infrastructure. Throughout the country a lot of residents find themselves up against fire departments and their excessive road width requirements. This can be accomplished by requiring new larger road widths (ever seen the excessive size of some cul-de-sacs?), banning parking on certain streets etc.

The attempt to shorten response times by making it easier to maneuver large equipment. It is a noble thought but not without other implications. This ends up putting fire rescue times over injury prevention. Wider streets are statistically tied to an increased number of accidents and their severity due to higher speeds and overall lack of attention. Increased street widths also make it harder for pedestrians to cross safely. Many more people are injured in these automobile related accidents than in fires. Seeing that a fire department has to respond to both, the onus should be put on prevention.

Buy a properly sized truck to move through the city efficiently while preserving street structures that reduce accidents in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Hey MJ you said they are trying to replace a 1987 pumper, you need to look at the requirments for Class1 Fire pumper concentrate on the 20year service life. A new fire truck won't stop accidents, but I've been reading about their smaller shift sizes so it seems that they are trying to get a truck that can do more with less people?

wrightontime said...

I find it interesting that the Fire Department gets a grant towards equipment and is told to look at " Chevy Impala " equipment while the Police Department is described as the " WNY Cadillac " of police departments

Anonymous said...

Is it really about "Chevy Impala" equipment or just making sure it is not overkill? The police department has recieved its fair share of grants.

After seeing that "Cadillac" quote I thought they would be opening the doors to criticism. Maybe they can get out of the Cadillacs and walk around a bit? ;)

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Doesn't matter what police use as opposed to the fire department. The vehicle they use should be appropriate to it's use and efficiency.

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