Just a Bit of an intro

Posted by LoneWolf

Greetings all~

Juat a bit of an Intro here if I may... ( and also suggsested by MJ :)  ) 

My name is Jeff.. and hae been a Lockport (Niag county)  resident since Ocotber of 1998 .. I'm quite a bit of a "transplant"  from Erie County, however I do , in a way, consdier Lockport  my home and proud of it. :)

I love the history that Lockport has to tell , I may not know all the streets,(you would think after 12- 13 years I would .. but I don't :(  )   but I do know many of the landmarks and how to get to them.

Some of you here MAY have seen me  if you have happened to take a Lockport Cave Tour (Historical or Haunted) since October of '98, as I have been a Tour Guide for Lockpoort Cave  since that time. As well as seeing me (or my freind) dellivering the LSJ daily  through the  " business district"  of Lockport.

With that and the poeple that I have met through the years, I have learned QUITE A BIT about Lockport and have made some connections in reagrd to things happening in the city.

Well thats about it for my "little bit of an intro",,, I'll do as much as I'm able   as far as contributing to MJ`'s blog about Lockport.



Rocketboy said...

Glad to have you Jeff. Hopefully you will have more time than I do to post :).

And I may very well have seen you on the underground tour... I think when I went it was around 2000 or so... all I remember is the tour guide saying that this is the first time he's ever needed a rain coat, as it was very wet that day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Jeff.

I for one will appreciate your historical knowledge as I have only been in Lockport 6 years. Most of my knowledge has been from internet searches or the library.

It is tough to post regularly. One would imagine that a couple paragraphs would not take all that long but I have found otherwise. ;)

LoneWolf said...

I usuallky WONT wear a Raincoat/Poncho on my tours ..UNLESS I 100% have to usually ill carry a umbrella if its gonna rain.

But eoither way I hope you enjoyed your tour of the cave.

I'll be making a post shortly as far as our opening and our schedule for this season.


Thank you for the welcome. As far as historical stuff, if I don't happen to know the answer off the top of my head, I can find it out quite quickly( LOL it's nice to know people :) ) However, BE WARNED , there are SOME parts of Lockport history you might NOT want to know about. LOL.

And I totally agree with the "tough to post regularly" , for me its tough as well .. but I will try , sometimes comming up with "the right words" is the biggest difficulkty , with out comming off like a "dufus" or like you are taking one side over another.

And thank you both for the nice welcome to the blog, its much apprecdiated :)

Rocketboy said...

It seems to me that it takes even longer for those few paragraphs, now that documentation and website maintenance is about half of my work week :>.

And how is it that I'm the old-timer... I've been here since the mid 70's.. granted, I don't remember much of the early years... :>

But the cave tour was quite nice... I do suggest it when we have out-of town visitors at work.

LockportGal said...

Welcome Jeff. You already know me from elsewhere.


LoneWolf said...


Took me a bit to know how i knew you from "elsewhere",.. i dont even venture into that part(or those parts) of the internet anymore ... too much BS floating around.

I ve decided to stay either local or in the tech forums... better debates there .. and what have you :)

But yes I do remeber you :)


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