Erie Canal Canoeing/Kayaking

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Image: Waiting to go Down - Erie Canal Lock 35 - Lockport NY

Read an article at Buffalo Rising today on the Buffalo River finally having a place that rents boats (kayaks). I'm pretty sure there is not one in Lockport (correct me if I'm wrong) and I've always wondered why.

The canal is one of the easiest place to paddle due to the always very calm controlled water. The locks also present a novel experience. The chambers feel 100x as massive when sitting down in a man-powered watercraft.

Looking to have people stick around through offering them activities? This would appear to be a great one. One could even wrap bikes into the mix. Create drop off points in Gasport etc and people could make a leisurely one-way trips back to Lockport.

I could see it being a nice fit over at the Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises. Or I need to win the lottery for some seed money ;)

Image - Waiting to go up - Erie Canal Lock 34 - Lockport NY


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