Tonawanda Beats Us to Lofts/Mixed Use.

Posted by Anonymous

Image - N. Tonawanda Factory undergoing loft conversion
I read in the Buffalo News that Tonawanda has beat Lockport to a lofts project. Maybe we can inherit it like we did the concert series?

With the tax breaks for mixed use: and county tax breaks for new stores: opportunities are there to make it work (along with existing historic tax credits etc).

The western old Harrison Building is crying out for this. ;) For those who rather own and put in the elbow grease the opportunities exist right next door on South St. and Genessee St. A modern loft anchoring it would provide stability to enable those investments plus put more consumers within walking distance of Main St.

It should be apparent by now that the facility is too large for single use business. Lay the ground work to encourage mixing it up and diversifying. The master plan from '99 calls for it. DT will be stronger because of it.

Image - Old Harrison Building, Walnut St. Lockport NY


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