From CNU 17:

“Built to Last made me laugh out loud,” said John Norquist, president and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism, which offered the submitter of the winning entry a complimentary registration to this year's leading gathering of urbanists,CNU 17, which runs June 10-14th in Denver. “But this video is serious too. First + Main and Paget Films show how New Urbanism is the convenient remedy, providing quality of life and economic value while protecting the environment.”

Luckily we in the city still have the bones intact. We just to make sure our developments work toward fleshing it back out instead of holding it back.

Thanks to fixbuffalo for being my source.


Rocketboy said...

Feh... what if, I don't want to live like that?

I HATE people trying to tell me how to live my life, and expecting me to fall into step with their ideal.

Granted, I hate mass-produced tract homes, and I'm not a fan of developments and their shoddy construction.

Anonymous said...

You can take it as someone telling you how to live or just take it as seeing some of the costs of it and deciding that they are an acceptable cost. We all have that choice.

If it were really about choice, which I agree with, then we would be making sure the city is conitnued to be developed to be the "5 minute walk" choice while the burbs remain the "20 minute drive" choice. Do not plot by plot dismantle the "5 minute walk" choice so that it becomes a second rate worn down "20 minute drive place". It results in failure.

Leave the burbs for those that like interactign with asphalt and retiring to neighborhoods with nothing else to do in them. They have the open land for it.

Leave the city for those who like to live amongst diversity and have the ability to walk outside their door to a variety of uses.
Some of us choose the urban plans that have resulted from 1000's of years of human existance over the suburban plans "of order" that result from 75 years of planners thinking that the human experience can be simplified into three exclusive big blobs of R, B, and C zoning ;)

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