2009 Molson Canal Concert Series

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Main St Entrance to Venue. 34th Annual Arts And Crafts Festival Shown (Weekend of First Concert this Year 27th/28th)

A list of the 2009 Molson Canal Concert Series in Lockport NY is here. Artists were added as they were leaked/found up to the announcment date at which point they were completely updated. There will be 9 Friday night concerts.

All shows are held outdoors at the Ulrich City Center downtown on Main St and are free. Visiting Lockport and looking for other things to do? Look here: "Lockport on the Erie Canal"

6/26 - RUSTED ROOT, Steve Johnson (from Big Leg Emma), Bearhunter, New Clear Fusion
7/03 - OUR LADY PEACE, with Inland Eyes and the Incurables
7/10 - THE CULT, with Ours and Chylde
7/17 - KIM MITCHELL, with the Jeremy Hoyle Band and Friendly Fire
7/24 - LITA FORD WITH SAS JORDAN and Flyin' Blind.

7/31 - QUEENSRYCHE, with Dave Constantino and Billy Draws Two.
8/07 - EDDIE MONEY, with A Potter's Field and Johnny Nobody.
8/14 - CHARLIE DANIELS BAND, with Her & Kings County and Ransomville.
8/21 - RANDY BACHMAN, with Alison Pipitone, Son of the Sun and Scott Celani

Official series website: http://www.canalconcerts.com/
Other WNY large free outdoor concert series:
Tuesdays at the Park (Lewiston)
Wednesdays on the Gorge (Lewiston)
Thursdays in the Square (Buffalo)

Originally posted 3/9/2009 with continual updates

Concert Venue Aerial - Click on for Larger Size - Let me know if I should add something


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for the CDB.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for them all. Nothing like free live Friday night concerts 6 blocks from home.

Right now "The Cult" is tops on my list being a child of the 80's. Though any live performance can sell me on someone "new to me".

I've heard great things about CDB shows. The only bad part is that show will be signaling the end nearing for the 2009 series.....

Anonymous said...

OMG Queensryche?! WOW, just WOW. I will be there FRONT ROW for them! Amazing. Great job getting those guys. I await the next few bands. *cheers*

Eric Robert Jackson said...

The Cult, seriously, The Cult. I'm shocked and thrilled. Can't wait!

purkiee said...


Anonymous said...

i'm shocked queensryche is down to the free level...cdb is AWESOME live...possibly best show of the year... wissh the series was still in NT as it is way closer to home

Anonymous said...

You now have Lita Ford to answer your one point purkiee ;)

I don't think "free level" is as bad of a moniker as it used to be. Bands will do a free outdoor concert one night and be selling $40 plus tickets the next night in another city. I've never seen Queensryche and I am really looking forward to it. Operation Mindcrime remains one of my favorite complete albums from my youth.

John LePore said...

Eddie Money always puts on a great show and his daughter will probably be performing too. She can really rock. I was hoping that Lockport could book the Guess Who because they will be playing at Artpark this summer also. I seen them a couple of years ago at the North Tonawanda site and they were awesome.

meatball46 said...

I'd like to see The Doobie Brothers, Bad Company or Blues Traveler make their way to the Canal Concert Series. Or some harder rock bands like Tesla, Blue Oyster Cult or Motorhead.

Anonymous said...

Kim Mitchell has on his facebook page that he is playing on July 17

Anonymous said...

Motorhead...now there would be a show to aggravate the "noise" complainers. ;)

I always look at bands that fill a place like the Wharehaus in Toronto and would pry even have a larger free draw. For instance Chris Cornell put on an awesome show there last winter playing solo, Soundgarden and Audioslave songs (played over 2.5 hours plus an acoustic set). I think he would put on a great outdoor concert and fill the bill for a more "recent" artist.

Thanks for the Kim Mitchell info. I've added it. Another WNY concert favorite. I saw him back when I worked at a small venue in the 90's. One of the nicest people ever. After the show he hung out on the patio eating wings and steamed clams with everyone.

Two dates to go to fill in the "unofficial" line up.

carlrb said...

Kim Mitchell puts on a great show, don't miss this one. How about getting Klear, The American Sunseekers or Abominable killer Snowmen (AKS) as an opening act?

lemonwheel said...

How was the information obtained for The Cult? I live in NYC and will plan a trip to Buffalo specifically to see them, if they in fact will be there. I can't find any information about them playing this venue anywhere except for this blog.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Also would love to see Bad Company!!!!!

Tender said...

Guess Who, Bad Company, We agree, waiting to see if DDrive will be there! Phil Naro was lead singer for TALAS and also worked with Peter Kriss of KISS and many others,even in Europe. Don Mancuso was lead guitarist with BLACK SHEEP with Lou Gramm original Foreigner lead vocalist. Mancuso at present is on guitar and bass with the LOU GRAMM BAND, They put out 2 AWESOME CD's with DDrive. Lou Gramm has performed on the CD's and also at times a guest at DDRIVE's venue's. Check them out LOCKPORT!!AWESOME ROCKERS.Check out donmancuso.com website to get a taste or youtube under DDRIVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any info for the booking agent for this series? I know that last year they had a lot of opening acts that had/have ties to Lockport...would love to get in touch with them to see if all those spots are filled.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Lou Gramm was awesome last year, why not get him back? The crowd was great and loved him.

Tender said...

I agree Lisa, Lou Gramm is awesome, I was so hoping he and the guys would be in the line up,I keep in touch with him and pulling for a WNY show.That's why I've also been pulling for DDrive some of the members are in the Lou Gramm Band.

DocWu said...

No, let's not get anyone back that played last year. Get some new artists. These, mostly are the same old, same old headliners we've seen forever at Thursday at the Square, Artpark, and NT. For cryin' out loud, I've seem Kim Mitchell at Terrys Corners... Stop living in the past and give some new, younger artists a chance.

Anonymous said...

Let's get local band Colors in the Air on this show!!! Have them open.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of it depends on the source of revenue: beer sales. You pry hit the largest margin of consumers by getting bands from the 70's and 80's. They are probably also the most "affordable".

I think that they can safely step into the 90's demographic through. Queensryche may be the first sign of that. I agree that Eddie Money etc is kind of tired out around here.

I was hoping for the likes of Steve Miller but I see is is heading to the Erie County Fair. Free concerts like these give those who were not around in the 70's (or concert age) to see some history. Not necessailry a bad thing. But I will agree the repetition can get a little out of hand. ;)

A thought just came to me: I wonder why Lewiston/Buffalo/Lockport do not cross promopte each other. They are all free shows. At the end of each show (and/or between sets) let those in attendence know who is coming up next week at the other venues too.

meginak said...

Oh common.... am I the only hippie in this town?
RUSTED ROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

jen said...

So happy to see the Cult. Seen them at Town Ballroom twice in the past few years, and they are amazing.

DocWu said...

Why don't Lewiston/Buffalo/Lockport cross promote each other? It's simple, they are in competition with each other. They may be 'free' shows, but let's face it, the price of admission is the food/drink you buy while you are there.

Their purpose is to bring people into their area, whether it be Downtown Buffalo or Downtown Lockport. Their premise is they aren't profitable - in fact, they rely on sponsors as well as concessions to cover costs. The benefit comes to increased business traffic in the community or business district they serve. (I don't quite know what Artpark gains, but being State-owned, maybe it fulfills their mandated purpose or gives First Niagara a tax-writeoff. They sure collect a lot of parking money...)

They don't want to send you to the competing town. The Lockport promoters don't want you in Lewiston or Buffalo, they want you to be shopping for a car at a dealership you saw when you drove in on Transit, or eating at the restaurant you discovered on the way to the show.

To bring in people, which translates almost directly to $$$, they book big name acts and get big, obnoxious crowds. They look for name-recognition, not quality music. They book local openers, but virtually ignore them in the event's promotions.

I think the area is just about saturated with these type of concerts. When you have Tues/Wed at Artpark, Thurs in Buffalo, Friday in Lockport, plus the smaller N.T. shows, Lewiston Blues and Jazz events, shows in parks in Amherst and Hamburg, you have to think none of these promoters want to send anyone to their 'competition.'

For the music fan, you probably can't go to every one, even if you want to, but you can decide each week which event will be your priority. It's not a bad situation for a fan, if you can deal with the crowds.

It's interesting to see Buffalo Place expanding their waterfront concerts to three weekends this year. Not free, but cheap enough, especially in advance. Will that control the crowd size?

Actually, crowd size isn't usually a problem if the venue can handle it. But I had the experience totally ruined last summer by a crowd that was just too much for the area it was in. When you've decided you can't get any closer because there is no place to go, where are all the people who are shoving by you going? Even the polite ones get annoying. Someone yelling 'Excuse me' into your ear every thirty seconds gets annoying when you are trying to hear the show. No, excuse ME: I got here before the show started. I enjoyed the opening acts. I'm doing without another beer because I don't want to leave where I am to go get one. I found this spot to stand and now you come along at the last minute and expect me to move aside so you can crowd up to the front? I don't think so. Besides, I can't move aside to let you by, because I have no room to move!

I'd much rather see concerts like the Molson one in Lockport concentrate on newer, upcoming acts that appeal to a more specialized audience. Change genres from week-to-week to appeal to everyone, not just bring in the big names that everyone remembers from their adolescence. (Or their parents record-collection.) Do the homework to find out who these bands are. (Tip: watch Letterman, etc. They find the type of band I'm talking about every week. Someone you may not have heard of, but enjoy anyway.) I would gladly accept a week of Hip-hop acts in return for a Celtic/Rock week. I might skip the week of a Pop/Country show, but come back for a Bluegrass show. Every week doesn't have to be Rock/Hard Rock on the verge of Metal, or classic oldies from the '70s (Gasp! I thought oldies were '50s!) And there's a whole lot more variety in the Blues genre than we usually get to see.

Newer, upcoming acts are even more affordable. They're begging for exposure. Lockport is at a disadvantage being a Friday show. The mid-week shows can get an act on it's way to NYC or Toronto for a weekend show to stop and add one more show for a lot less. The smaller acts are a bit more hungry and can react to an opportunity to play a Friday gig on the way to the big Saturday show. They don't have the big crew/equipment costs either.

Thursday at the Square is a bit better at this, (You have to give them credit for bringing in bands like the Avett Brothers) yet they have a crowd problem because they are the bigger city, that they should do something else about it. Maybe turn the monument invisible for a few hours? Seriously, they need a better place to hold it. And a few more people there for the music and less for the beer.

And for God's sake, Promoters, please give our local musicians some better support. They never seem to announce them until the week before. They have to have been booked further ahead than that.

Anonymous said...

Docwu do you happen to know who to contact for booking for the Lockport shows?

ron said...

Ian Asberry (the Cult) and Geoff Tate (Queen of the Ryche) are you kidding two of the best vocalist of the 80's for free I'm coming from Rochester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tinmann said...

SWEET Queensryche and the Cult. i might have to move back from Rochester just to get a good seat LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the long post Doc. I do agree with most of it. Though in this internet age a lot of people already track all of the concerts and know who's playing where. I see it more as a regional effort in the promotion. Most of these see some type of gov't subsidy from local/state/etc. It's our money and should be used to promote us to a wider audience. As seen in the posts above: Rochester people, NYC people etc coming over for a show or two. We have enough feifdoms in our over abundance of local gov'ts. We don't need more in our attractions/promotional efforts.

There are enough windows open if someone wanted to promote smaller concerts in a smaller setting for lesser known/newer bands. Someone just needs to step into the role. If the demand is there they will be greatly rewarded.

To everyone visiting...spread the word, invite all your friends ;)

Looks like we are part of a three show warmup for the Cult's "Love Live" tour:

Anonymous said...


DocWu said...

Just saw the 'Official' schedule releases in the news and I have to give kudos to them for listing the opening acts.

It looks like another good lineup and I'm actually pretty excited about some of the regional acts playing.

MJ commented on there being room for smaller shows to fill the gap and use more local bands. Actually, there were plans for just that here in Lockport, but it was swept away by the prospect of having the Molson Concerts. Had N.T. not dropped the ball with the Molson shows, we might be discussing that smaller show series here right now.

Anonymous said...

I do recall Tucker mentioning a desire for a "smaller" series. You are correct in that obtaining the Molson Series negated the need to pursue other promoters. I'm happy we have it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the right forum.....but it is about the concert series.

I sent this letter to the US&J but would like to repeat it here:
Last year my wife and I were able to take our son to every show. This year is a totally different ballgame. We were nearly trampled trying to get out with our stroller. It's very un-safe. People were unbelievably rude and unapologetic for there actions. There is zero gate control. It's become a completely non-family friendly function and that is very disheartening for all local citizens who pay taxes and love to enjoy the events with our kids.

It seems as though the city/organizers could give a separate entrance for those with kids or strollers (perhaps a lane alongside the VIP area). It also seems as though there could be a section for families to stand with kids without fear of some drunk idiot bashing into them. The VIP section is enormous and half-empty. We had to leave it was so bad. We tried to stay in the back and out of peoples way. We even came in through the back.....but it felt dangerous for our child. People charging through and not much security to speak of. I think this is an accident waiting to happen. Families shouldn't have to feel as though they are not welcome because they have kids. We have a right to attend and so do our children without feeling threatened.

Unless something changes, my wife and I are feeling as though we do not want to risk our child's safety in order to attend and will probably boycott the shows. It is a shame. We are music lovers...Last year my band even played in the series. But this year it just seems volatile. It has become an event for drunks, teenage drinkers, and smokers. Not a great image for the City of Lockport for such a potentially wonderful event.

Rocketboy said...

Damn, I just realized I couldn't go to The Cult. And that was the only one I wanted to see. Oh well.

But what the heck is the VIP section, and is it really in the spirit of things to have one in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 7/06/2009 3:22,

I think one has to realize that these are national acts, free of charge, and funded by a beer sponser. This will lead to packed crowds for the bigger names and some intoxicated participants.

I am usually with friends who bring their 2-year old in a stroller. Hanging out by the Hunt facade we have never had a problem. For less attended shows we have been closer. They usually leave a few songs early to avoid the rush out. other people I know question bringing kids to a concert like this to begin with.

The VIP area is by the end of the Walnut St buildings near the stage and I could see the benefit of a separate "stroller area" though I don't know if the complexity of monitoring it would be found justifiable. The sidewalks on Walnut etc are open to use also with a side view of the stage and ok acoustics. I've watch from there with the dog before.

These are not lawn concerts at a gazebo with a local band. Actually most shows the local opening bands are relatively less busy for a more family friendly environment.

I wouldn't expect strollers on the floor of an HSBC concert so I am not sure how much I'd expect them to be comfortable up close at these shows.

It's a shame they could not find a way to put the stage at the other end. The slope of the lot is perfect for better views for all in that direction plus a totally open Locust frontage would make things a little less clostrophobic during the busier shows. We always enter through the back to avoid the packed crowd by the stage.

Maybe I'll start a post for concert comments pro/com.

Anonymous said...

Hi. All ready for show tonight
I do have a question ... can anyone confirm that OURS is playing (not Parlour Mob or whatever) and that they are playing first, around 5:30?
I love Ours and do not want to miss their show.

Anonymous said...

me and my wife went to see olp on july 3rd 2009. wow what a great show!!thank you town of lockport. i drove 50 miles to see them and is it was worth every bit of it. i would have paid $50 to see this show, but i'll take free. does anyone know how to get a vip pass??

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41: I was not sure of the order. I hope you caught them.

Anon 4:27: Where did you come from? And not to be picky but it is the City of Lockport that hosts the concerts ;) OLP was another great show.

The Cult sounded great tonight.

Anonymous said...

And I laugh at the "No Trespassing" sign at the property at the corner of Locust and Main. Maybe Granchelli should find a tenant so the parcel could enjoy a use ;)

Rocketboy said...
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Rocketboy said...

Wowaz The Cult was loud last night. So was the crowd. Sounded like a good show. Oh well.

Any idea what all the sirens were for? Was it just to get people's attention as they directed traffic?

Anonymous said...

not sure what HSBC, gazebo's and local bands have to do with the idea of people just being respectful of people who are there with their kids.....but OK. I completely agree with you that the stage should face the other direction. It would give you the entire Sub D parking lot for spill over and then people wouldn't be so pushy and crazy. When this thing was in NT it was much more accessible and family friendly because it wasn't super contained like it is in lockport. There were no bag searches, pat-downs, or tiny spaces to squeeze through to get in....it was just a nice open space where everyone could feel welcome - And by the way the main reason it's that contained in Lockport is so that a certain someone can rake it the money by having a captive audience that feeds not one but now 2 bars. I tell you if there was ever an emergency situation in that contained area.....people would die trying to get out. There simply is not a way to get in and out with ease.

It's a squashed issue for me though.....We have already decided as parents not to take our son there and have sacrificed seeing the shows for ourselves so that our son stays safe. I'm just saying it's a shame that I have to do that. I love the Cult and had to miss it. Oh well tho - at least the out-of-towners get to enjoy great shows on my dime.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments but…

All those points have to do with the type of event ( a popular band rock concert) and the suitability of it for strollers/small children. You will never fit a stroller at the front of a Thursday at the Square in Buffalo etc. All "free" series will pat you down at a certain area. The captive concession sales are what pay for the band. I've been patted down in Buffalo, Lewiston, etc. I've been made to throw out water bottles at them all. There is not much anomaly here. We are not talking about the lawn series at the Library which has much less public interest.

I recall Sweeny Street being rather packed in for the more popular groups (it’s been a long while). One could sit on the other side of the canal and listen though. In case of emergency one could exit out the back, try to get around the stage or jump in canal if I recall correctly. (I do wonder though what the evacuation plan is for UCC - good question)

UCC-Sweeny Overlay:

Even without a child I'm usually not into jockeying for space up front as it is not worth it to me anymore unless I’ve paid some good money. It is not a reserved seating event. Find me a general admission concert without crowding at the front and I'll show you a band not worth seeing.

A friend of mine has asked me why people are bringing small children to a rock concert. My question back was why not? I'd stick some ear plugs in them and let them experience it for a bit. My mom used to for me. If you feel it's not a concert for children but you still want to go, what's wrong with a baby sitter for a few hours? The cost is probably still cheaper than one ticket to a paid venue.

cost to city for concerts: $64,000
#of residents in city (approx): 27,700
cost per resident per show (8): $0.30
Cost per family of 3 per year: $7.11

I'll grant you that it would be nice to have a reserved space with room to breathe and a great view. But $0.30 a ticket is not going to get you that. $70 reserved seating at Darien Lake will.

As for the "2 bars", anyone is more than welcome to buy the old Metropolitan if these 6 nights are such a boon. One condition of the development of the south block was that the court yard (parking lot) be available for public events and that was before this series was up for grabs. A big point of the series was to bring people downtown and showcase it. What better site downtown would you suggest this be held?

I guess my main point is that it "is what it is": a free general admission rock concert. We all have to make personal choices on if we desire to bring our children to the type of environment that it is. Queensryche tickets are $30 each for their general admission show up in Toronto. $90 to try to attempt to bring the family and a stroller into the venue there (not likely) or $0.90 cents to hang out back here in Lockport?

Rocketboy said...

I cannot believe that Molson's main priority is to funnel people into Taboo. I'm sure that Molson and the rest of the vendors would be more than happy if Taboo was not there. But like MJ said, when the property was sold so something would actually be done with the lot (you know, as opposed to the empty parking lot and some grass for a few random I-Beams (or was that better than what we have today?)) the city still retained the right to use it. So riddle me this, that is a better area downtown for these concerts? Keep in mind that you need access control.

Face it, no matter where it is, people will complain.

And no matter where it is, you WILL get jostled.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,Been reading these posts and wanted to comment on some issues here.I have worked for this concert series for three years now,so I have some knowlage of the in's and out's of what goes on.There has always been bag/purse checks at the gates.It is how we keep beer and food from coming in.Also we dont do pat downs,never have.I do have to say that it was a little nicer being in the open spot it was while in Ton.But it does help with crowd control being at the UCC.

Rocketboy said...

Wow, thanks for the post anon right above me.

Lori said...

MJ, thanks so much for posting links to some of the other free concert series schedules in the area. Last night, we went to see Grand Funk Railroad at Artpark. It was pretty good, but I didn't enjoy the show nearly as much as last week's at the same venue -- The Guess Who. I had never seen them before, and had my reservations on how they would sound without Burton Cummings, but Derek Sharp did a very good job stepping into his place. I had a great time!

I haven't been to any Lockport concerts this year, but will be going to see Eddie Money, most likely Lita Ford and Sass Jordan, and possibly Charlie Daniels.

I also want to thank you again for hosting this blog, especially now that the US & J forums are history.


Anonymous said...

I just love that it really brings surrounding communities together. I always see friends i haven't seen in so long. And my girlfriends sister lives on high street so every week they have a tailgate with some food and beer before and after the concerts. So i love how it brings family and friends together. I have read some comments with people complaining. STOP. There is so much good that comes from the Molson Concert Series. I look forward to it every summer

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment "Job".

I agree with you. I think all the social networking sites that exist today show there is still a huge desire for people to interact. It's nice to have a venue and event that gives people a reason to get together and open up the opportunity to bump into even more people once you get there. All for about $0.30 per resident per show.

Just like Thursday in the Square, the music can become secondary after a while with the getting together with friends becoming the primary focus. Who's playing tonight?....Who cares! ;)

Bring on Queensryche!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they could bring in an act from this decade. Last years line-up was much better. This line-up is sad. Sorry to all you BTO and Lita Ford fans. Has-beens, washed up Dj's, Metal relics....I dunno man. Their are so many semi-national acts that are current and relevant that could play for the same cash. But that would require an organizer who actually knew today's music scene. Cool event, cool venue, great for the city of lockport - terrible for people with taste.

Rocketboy said...


By this decade, do you mean someone who has released an album within this decade, or just started a few years ago as a band?

If you're looking for someone who just started, you're not going to get a (new) national act at something like this at a price that it would be for free. I can only think of one, and they are a Canadian band that seems to be struggling in their own country, much less in the states. Not really a national act if you ask me.

With regards to "people with taste", well, stay home. Because I have a feeling that I'd do the same if one of the bands you are thinking of were there. I just wouldn't waste time complaining about it, and insulting people who did like them.

So what bands that are doing the free concerts in the area would you rather see downtown? Or what bands that are doing free concerts anywhere? Have you tried to contact the organizers of the concert series to suggest bands?

Last, scoring The Cult is an indication that the organizers do have an idea about music, and were trying to get a range of bands. Remember, they need to find bands that will get people there, bands that can appeal to a large group. Not specifically fans, but people that would be willing to dive out to see them. If a band(and this would be a problem with newer bands) only brought out the fans, that's not always the crowd mix they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Those were my thoughts. The promoters need the widest legal drinking age demographic draw to sell enough beer and concessions to pay for the shows and make a profit. I was happy to see 90's acts (Queensryche, OLP) and the numbers arriving for those attest to the drawing power. They most likely cost more resulting in some lower cost shows (Lita, Kim, etc). I still think Kim Mitchell's shows are fun to hang out at.

No local free series is breaking any ground. Thursday in the Square is a little more diverse but it has 20 years at the same central location and is as much a social event as a show seeing that only half the crowd can see the stage at any time once past the monument.

Hopefully next year they take another step or two. I baseline acts that can currently sellout a 2,000 person venue similar to the Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave) show in TO last winter, or the Queensryghe up there a couple days ago. These also must be acts that at one time could sell out 10,000+ showing the ability to draw numbers in a "free" venue. I'd very interested to learn the workings. They are most likely way more complicated than we'd like to give credit for.

Rocket hit it well. Dedicated fans will have their own tastes and pretty much have to pay to see them. Look at the shows that Buffalo Place has been charging $10 for at the Inner Harbor, not much difference even there. Even shows like Queensryche, there are pry 10 or so songs I'd love to hear live that a majority of those in attendence could care less.

"Last years line-up was much better."
Last year's line up: http://www.canalconcerts.com/2008schedule.asp
Besides personal taste, how was it any "newer"? I was very impressed with half the acts from last year and enjoy almost all of the acts I attended, pry about the same for this year. Jeff Martin put on a great show for the finale.

Anonymous said...

gee i guess you told me rocketbpy ad mj. didn't mean to ripple ur love fest.

excuse me for my opinion. this blog sucks.

Anonymous said...

You're excused. ;) I fail to see what was so offensive.

There are a number of bands that certain people would love to see. I know I could easily write down my dream line-up. All we are saying is that you have to consider the economics of it. If that's a love fest, so be it.

Every year for TATS, Artpark, and the Molson series there is the cry for "fresh" bands. If the money was there to be made, I'm certain a promoter would have jumped on it by now. And if they are missing it, the golden opportunity is awaiting someone. Jump on it.

In the time being we are getting to see a good number of bands that are playing elsewhere for $30+ for free. I'll happily enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

And you are welcome to add a counterpoint or explain how last year's line-up was better, show examples of free show line-ups elsewhere that are fresh and sucessful in a demographical area such as Buffalo. Unfortunately a majority of people around here (the target market) are not "hip". ;)

Just because our take is different is no need to play a martyr.

LockportGal said...

Im disappointed that I missed Bret Michaels at Artpark last year. Would have been interesting to watch the girls in the front row throw themselves at him. This year he came to Darien Lake with Poison and that was $$$.

Rocketboy said...

If asking for a further explnation of your opinion, and asking for examples and suggestions is your idea of being "told", I can only come to one conclusion. If your response to valid questions, with an intent to further the dialog is met with "this blog sucks", it only enforces my opinion. You were doing nothing but trying to troll here. You were doing nothing but trying to start an argument.

Because, if it sucked so bad, why did you spend the time to comment, and then come back, read (or skim) the replys to your post, and then post again?

If you would like to continue the discussion, by all means discuss. If you just came to sling mud, I don't think anyone would miss you.

Anonymous said...

bring tesla back again

Anonymous said...

I drove 200 miles(from Watertown,N.Y.) to see Queensryche last Fri.They are one of my all time favorite bands.We had an excellent time.It felt like the old days,when you have an area,set up a stage and just ROCK OUT.We don't have that in our area.It was very nice.Lockport is a beautiful town and we will be back again,for sure.Thanks!!!!!!!

Rocketboy said...

To the Tesla lovin Anon...

Oct. 31, 2009 Sat. Seneca Niagara Casino Niagara Falls, New York


Anonymous said...

Seneca Niagara? They'll pry be charging $50-60 ;)

Thanks for the post 200mi anon. Did you stay of drive back immediately? Do anything else while you were here? I agree on your comment. Something just feels "good" about a nice outdoor urban concert.

Rocketboy said...

From http://www.senecaniagaracasino.com/entertainment.cfm

Seneca Niagara Events Center
- Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets starting at $25
On Sale Now!
All ages welcome, but under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

All I know is that I have to REALLY want to see a band to pay what they are charging now a days. What can I say, I'm old school, I remember seeing KMFDM at The Continental, so what do I know? :)

Anonymous said...

Great bands this year! We've seen Our Lady Peace, The Cult and Queensryche. All shows were good except that the sound for Queensryche was quite muffled.... we could barely hear the lead singer. Looking forward to another couple of shows this season and hoping for another good list of talent for next year.... bring in SEVENDUST for 2010.... please please please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to MJ -We did stay all night and came home the next day.We didn't do much else there,but next time we go there,we will probably go a little earlier and do some other things.It looks like a real nice town with alot of things to see and do.Again,it was just fun to hear one of my favorite bands outdoors in a different setting.Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

With respect to tomorrows concert, Eddie Money, what time do you think he'll start ? What time is best to get there ? Where are the happening local bars ?

Anonymous said...

Randy Bachman outta be a good show .However i would have rather it been Bachman/Cummings. Im sure it wouldnt have been much more. They both just played 2 weeks ago at the Port Colborne Canal days festival. HAving Cummings there would have opened a whole can of great combos. Dont think I'll see any other ones till Bachman gets here VIP seats!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to go to see Queensryche this summer, they rocked!! (one of my fav.bands!) It was great to see them for free and that I live right around the corner from the canal. The only thing I didn't like is having to go to walk all the way to the bathroom and losing my front row place!! I had such a great view of the band..I hope that more bands come here.. most 80's bands!!!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. I was only disappointed by the lack of any Operation Mindcrime material. One of my all time fav albums.

I find it a huge positive to be able to walk down the concerts during the summer. It's an event we should all be proud of.

It will be fun to track next years line up once the calender turns and bands start posting their 2010 tour dates.

Scott S. said...

Kansas is playing there in 2010. I think it's the 1st show.

Anonymous said...

Kansas is listed on pollstar.com as being scheduled for August 6, 2009.

Anonymous said...

It is also listed that the event is being held in Tonawanda not Lockport???????????????? Did Pollstar make a mistake or is the series moving again?

Anonymous said...

it's a mistake. Most of the concerts last year were listed as Tonawanda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll start a new track tread shortly after the New Year. I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

The Molson Concert Series has done nothing for the betterment of the city and the predicament of its hard-working residents who foot the bill. It lines the pockets of its promoters and sponsors and helps us to forget that we pay the highest property taxes per thousand in the nation.

Taxpayer Math:

$64,000 divided by 9,459 occupied tax paying city housing units = approximately $7.00 per unit - 9,000 homeowners either working to pay for the series or not at all interested but forced to subsidize it + overtime cost paid out to LCPD + streets dept clean up crew = another rip-off for city residents


Gee...ya' mean it's not really free? No Junior, the city tax payers are subsidizing your fun..another frivilous waste of our confiscated dollars...they could at least move your party out to a less congested venue to decrease the chance of serious injury and deaths each year--how about the abandoned Davison Road property?

Gotta' run to my second job...just wanted to let you knwo what our neighborhood thinks of your entitlement to fun at our expense.

Rocketboy said...

You must be new here.

Nice opinion, but its based on wrong assumptions.

Assumption number one is that some of the people here that support it (MJ and I for instance) are not near the concert at all. I have to deal with parking issues and traffic issues when there's a concert. And yes, I can hear it in my house.

Assumption number two is some of the people here that support it (MJ and I for instance) don't realize that taxpayer money funds it. Again, you must be new here.

Assumption number three is that you are speaking for your entire "neighborhood".

Assumption number four is that the one single death was realated specifically to the fact that there was a concert. I'm not even going to get into the entire situation, but that spin did make nice headlines, didn't it, although even though there was no real evidence he was at the concert, there were witnesses that he wasn't in a proper state of mind before he went to the show.

Also, I have to wonder if you are new to the area, or are just unaware on how huge the "free" concert series are.

I'm also left wondering what "abandoned" Davidson Road property you are talking about, and how there's no neighborhoods near that property (wrong), how that would get people into downtown (wrong), and how it's nice safe flat land (wrong).

In closing, if you really need a second job to get an extra $7 a year, I'm sure that we would all be happy to chip in and donate $7 to you, so you can quit that second job.

Anonymous said...

The old post has been resurrected!

Read above. The calculations were already discussed about cost to taxpayers.

I think the concerts are another great step in shedding the "Not"port image of Lockport and a nice follow up to the reconstruction of Main St. and the UCC build. Communities on the fringe of growth do not need marketing. The older communities need it immensely. And in exchange for this marketing we get to see roughly $200 dollars worth of concerts for $7 while bringing the rest of our family and friends for free. Much better then printing pamphlets and putting them in supermarkets.

I'm 4 blocks away, I can faintly hear the concerts and I walk to and from them. I'm happy to see activity in my city. How we continue to build off of the exposure and use it to our advantage is the next important step. But I'm sure to enjoy the great atmosphere in the mean time. I'll give up one value meal a year (per household) to make it happen.

In two years what major injuries or deaths have been attributed to the concerts? All the naysayer prophecies of car break ins, people getting hassled by Washburn residents, not enough parking etc have all been debunked. Urban life is about density and activity on the streets, be it kids playing street hockey up the block from me or an 8 times a year massive get-together downtown 4 blocks away from me.

Jack Smith said...

9 times a year.

Anonymous said...

A quick response:

Cost--Value is relative to the benefit to the buyer. Just thought I'd speak on behalf of Lockport's large population on fixed incomes and others who are footing the bill for you that may not benefit quite to the extent that you do. Seems like we have an entitlement mentality here.

Noise--You're right--only those few residents without air-conditioning who live upwind within a mile of the sound-system need be concerned with hearing loss. In light of the fact that a mega-church just came downtown, it's good to know that everyone is so tolerant of loud outdoor concerts.

Safety--Just curious, what exactly is the number of people that we may be safely jam into the constricted quarters of downtown Lockport? I hope we don't find out the hard way.

Rock on!

Rocketboy said...


This sums it up to me.

Anonymous said...

Groucho Marx "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It!" - you tube can be great for historical purposes.

Lets not forget BANANA: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone (or) Anything. Substitute "Do" for "Build"

While we're at is those pesky cruise nights every Monday block of our roads, consume city resources, blast their oldies music and bring all those carbon monoxide spewing cars into DT. DT is much better off a ghost town offending no one. ;)

And what does the Chapel have to do with it?

guyfawkesnov5 said...

the Pin Heads
The Kingston Trio
The Unleased
MC 5
Golden Slumber
Tammy and The Wing nuts

Outstanding..! Yes!!

Anonymous said...

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