Another "Urban" Chain Drug Store

Posted by Anonymous

Image - Google Maps Image of CVS near Twinsburg OH

I saw this CVS while on a work trip SE of Cleveland last week. Another example of what can be done with these types of business sites. Surprisingly this urban site plan was located out in the suburbs. The 2 story building does not do much to help frame in the 5-lane roads that surround it but would work beautifully at a corner like Transit and West, or Washburn and East here in Lockport.

The entrance to the CVS is at the rear near the parking and the drive-thru pharmacy is also accounted for. The smaller store fronts along the street are all accessed from the street. The corner entrance most likely leads to the CVS but is unfortunately not used.

This image is a little dated. The store fronts had open windows and the ones near the corner were for the CVS and while blocked off, had some interesting window appliques.

It appears this may be a retro fit/expansion to an older building, especially since most modern zoning codes actually make new developments like this illegal. Either way, everywhere the city of Lockport has a Rite Aid, Walgreen's, etc we could instead have a urban pedestrian friendly building such as this while still providing parking. We just need to code for it.


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