Garbage Fee Reductions for Some

Posted by MJ

The LUSJ reported that owners who have owned their properties for less than a year have been requesting that some of their bill be credited.

The city treasurer’s office will adjust the city refuse collection bills of property owners who didn’t own and occupy property for the entire Jan. 1 to Oct. 10, 2011, billing period.

City Treasurer Michael White confirmed Tuesday that his office will reduce the bills of property owners who can show, through property documents, that they didn’t use 91⁄2 months of city refuse pickup service last year.

The new policy comes after a couple of property owners complained about the $147 per property city refuse bill. In both cases, the owners said they had purchased property in the spring or early summer of 2011 and didn’t think it was fair to be stuck with charges for refuse service dating back to Jan. 1....
I can see both sides here. It is a levy on the property out of the general ledger. It was technically an even split between properties of the cost of the system and not based on use or assessment etc. One the face of it though I can understand the feeling of being over charged.

I'm not sure how much effort I would want to put in to save $20. Maybe if I bought the place in August and was saving $100?


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