Air Base at Risk Again?

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported  that the Niagara Falls Air Force base may be at risk of closure again.

Seven years after surviving a near-death experience, the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station finds its future in question once again under a Pentagon budget blueprint released Thursday.

In a cost-cutting move, the Air Force said that it would retire 65 of the kind of transport planes that are based in the Falls -- though it did not yet say which bases would be losing those planes...
...Since the Falls base was proposed for closure both in the 2005 closure round and another a decade earlier, Lane said, it's possible that a new base-closure panel would do the same. "You'd think they might look at what's been done in the past and dust it off," Lane said.
Next week, Lane will travel to Washington with John A. Cooper, vice chairman of the Niagara Military Affairs Council, to discuss the base with Pentagon officials and lawmakers.
Lane said the base, with 3,500 employees, is Niagara County's largest employer...


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