Christmas Tree Pickup

Posted by MJ

Happy New Year!

Christmas tree pick-up is now ongoing. It is being done by City Brush Chipping Crews as it has been in the past. Place the tree at the curb with the trunk facing the road.

We went with a second tree this year/ It was a small 4ft pine in the front bay window to go along with the fake tree in the sitting room. Although hesitant to go to two trees, my mind was changed and  I enjoyed the results.

In other refuse news, seeing the ongoing lack of 64-gallon trash totes for people to trade for, I'd be happy to trade in my 64-gallon recycling tote for a 96 gallon one. I could easily spray paint the cover yellow.


Ray-Lockport said...

Is it just my street, or are the new trash totes not doing so well in the wind? It seems the slightest gust of wind and over they go. I'm talking about even when they are full, before the truck even gets here. Mine are not overfilled either.

MJ said...

I'd be surprised. Are they the smaller sized ones?

They are heavier and more stable (wider base) than most light weight cans available at the hardware stores.

Possibly the square shape results in a greater wind force? an additional reason could be any slope to the ground they are on.

iamtgood said...
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JAF said...

mine is getting destroyed by squirrels..which is funny because I only get rid of about 2 bags per month..they're going after an empty can!! I did email the city and they will replace it when I absolutely can't use it anymore...which is good to know

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