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An e-mail was forwarded to me today. It apparently originates from Jack Martin of J Fitzgerald Group located a few doors away. Here is the email:

Doug Bailey from our office told me of a story about a local hardware store in Chagrin Falls, OH, where the community all came together for one day to flood the place with sales. 
Since I love stealing good ideas, Doug and I thought this would be a great way to support one of Lockport's oldest businesses - Grimble's Hardware.  So here's what we'd like to do:
* On Saturday, February 4, we'd like everyone to visit Grimble's and agree to spend at least $20.  They are open from 8:30-5.
* Send this note to at least 10 other people, and encourage them to send it to at least 10 as well
Grimble's has been around since 1920 and, if you haven't been there, it's the place to find practically anything.  And unlike most big hardware stores, they actually know where everything is in the store.
Thanks to Doug Bailey for pointing out this story and idea.  It's hard to run a small business, especially in this economy, so let's see if we can all show support to one of our own just like they did in Ohio.  And while you're downtown, you should also stop by some of the other businesses and show your support.  Thanks.
Grimble's Hardware 
18 W Main St 
Lockport, NY 14094
Great initial story out of the Cleveland area and great idea to give it a shot here.


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