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The LUSJ reported on "irritating robocalls from the Democratic Party:

...A robocalling blitz, commissioned by the Niagara County Democratic Committee, is under way. The recorded messages, spoken by a woman, are aimed at Republican Mayor Michael Tucker.

A city resident called the US&J on Tuesday to complain about the number of calls she’d taken at her home, their negative tone, and the fact that when she called the number that popped up on her caller ID to request the calls stop, she ended up talking to a woman in Rochester who knew nothing about them....
 I'm happy I have not had a land line since moving out on my own in the late 90's. I do not miss these at all. It is bad enough sitting through them on TV much less being called. Interesting to note is that political robocalls do not fall under the "Do Not Call Registry" since they are not deemed telemarketers. It is too bad since they should be. They are still trying to sell me something :a candidate.
...One of the pre-recorded messages claims Tucker was the recipient of a large campaign donation from Modern Disposal Service, the city’s new refuse hauler. Another asks who’s “running” the city, Tucker, the Harris Beach law firm or, perhaps, deputy city attorney/Niagara County GOP Chairman Mike Norris. Yet another asks why Tucker is “violating the law” by not getting a 2012 city budget in place by early October, as the city charter ordains...

...The messages aren’t surprising to him, he said — but he is taking exception to the claim that he took campaign money from Modern. That isn’t an opinion like “who’s running the city?,” it’s just plain false, he said....
Does anyone know where the "Modern Rumor" started? Funny that a party is suggesting that another party boss "may" be running things. I do not see any democrats on the council too concerned about the budget being planned late to address union concessions etc. Does the Democratic Party have any robocalls alleviating our garbage system fears by proclaiming that Pilot is %100 against it?

Is there any hope for real dialogue or relevant information in politics? At least neither party will be robocalling me.


Anonymous said...

County Dem Chair Dan Rivera claims that Gary Smith is either President or Vice President of Modern. NYS Board of Elections shows Gary Smith giving money to the Tucker campaign. Smith also gave several thousand $$$$ to the County Republican comm.

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