Refuse Bills

Posted by MJ

Are looking like they will arrive after the elections. The LUSJ and Buffalo News reported.:

The city treasurer’s office is looking at sending property owners’ first bills for Modern Disposal refuse service in 2012.

In late summer, Treasurer Mike White said the office might send two bills this year, one reflecting the city’s cost of trash pickup from January through September, and a second bill reflecting two months of user fees being charged for private pickup and recycling by Modern...

...The city refuse bill will be around $150 per property, White said...

...The timing of its arrival — probably no earlier than mid-November — has caused the treasurer’s office to rethink the billing cycle for Modern service.

The office sending property owners a bill for $150 in November, then hitting them with another bill in December for Modern’s services, is a troubling thought, White said...
It is nice that the city is trying to space the two bills out. It would of been even better if they would have sent us a half year bill around July as the change over was starting to drag longer than initially expected.

Still loving my recycle tote.


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