Recycling Off to Good Start

Posted by MJ

Both the Buffalo News and the  LUSJ reported that the initially recycling pickup has gathered more material than initially projected.

Nearly 12 tons of recyclables have been collected in the first three days of curbside recycling in Lockport.

Dawn M. Timm, Niagara County environmental coordinator, said Wednesday that results have exceeded expectations..
She said she was hoping for an average of 3v tons of recycling per day. Modern Disposal began collecting trash and recycling Monday, as the city implemented its privatized refuse system with city-owned totes delivered to every household.
Recycling is being picked up every other week. Each of the five daily garbage routes has been divided into AandBsegments, with this week being an A week for recycling. Next week, those who live in B segments will have their recycling bins emptied for the first time.
The maps of A and B streets were included with the recycling bins. Information also is available at www.curbsidelockport.com ...

I believe that after a certain tonnage the city starts to get money back from recyclables collection. The more we recycle the slightly better off the city coffers will be. It would be nice to see this money (if any) dedicated to new trees or something similar.

My biggest debate at this time is where to put the recyclables until I take them outside.


Pete said...

We're going to save SO much in "tipping fees" I have no doubt the City will end up making money, not just saving it.
One day last week I had occasion to drive through the Town & the City of Lockport. The Town's garbage looked horrible compared to the City - all their cr*p stacked at the curb v. our neat "totes."
The most amazing thing was watching the ONE GUY handle the recycling truck. Very professional!

Anonymous said...

Recycling had to happen. I have some concerns about a landscape dotted by trash cans stored in plain sight. That has to be controlled.

I think the entire change in trash collection and the reaction by a moderate number of citizen is a prime example of this communities resistance to change of any kind. We also end up with a mayoral challenger who thinks trash collection is most pressing issue that this city needs to be thinking about. God help us....

MJ said...

My recycling is this week and I have managed to fill the recycling tote, though the cardboard remnants of a trip up to IKEA helped with 25% of it.

The trash law does say no front yard storage. But then again I'm pretty sure the old law said it too. I much rather see blue bins on the side of houses than old banged up cans and bags.

Anonymous said...

as I predicted ....we now have several multi-family and some single family dwelling storing the NEW trash containers in front of their houses/chopped up houses, on their porch ( along with their sofa) and it looks really BAD.

I want to see the city enforce the code..get busy boys you have a lot of work to do. I believe it's " no containers past the front line of the building." ?

This place looks more like Detroit every day.

MJ said...

It is just as anyone predicted. People did before with their trash receptacles. Call in the addresses to the city. Call in the couches on the porch to the Building Dept. I do. They get resolved.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea. We pay Alderman. They all took an Oath of Office. I believe it has something to do with "upholding the laws of the City of Lockport and the state of New York" Every time they pass a house with "obvious" code violations it's their responsibility to notify the BID. Or let Joe Kibler do it..he's at Large right?

Or do they just like to sit up at the desk with a little name plaque and look nice?

As far as being universally predictable..the during the 50 presentations talk shows, and live demonstrations it should have been mentioned.

MJ said...

They foresaw people doing it. That is why in the law itself it says front yard storage is illegal.

An alderman can do it just as well as anyone else that sees a violation. A lot more would be enforced as time is freed up for them to enforce known issues instead of having to search them out first. Help them help us.

Xavier said...

Citizens do call them in or even walk them in to Building Inspections.
Nothing is done.

Anonymous said...

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