Sweet Sixteen Outdoor Seating

Posted by MJ

Sweet Sixteen Cafe is coming before the planning board next week to get approved for outdoor seating in the front of its and Chet's storefronts. They are also looking for the city to relocate the one city owned bench in front to make room for it.

I feel it is a great idea as Main St needs more activity on it during the summer. Connecting the inside and outside realms of an establishment is one way to do that. One of my favorite things about Lewiston is all of the outdoor seating at various businesses. It makes you take note and give pause to consider trying the places out. It also makes it obvious that they are open. It makes it obvious that other people are finding a reason to stop.

These older facades on Main St. make space at a premium on the side walk. One way to increase the space is to use 2-3 of the parking spots as temporary "parklets" for chairs and tables. These temporary structures can me moved when the weather turns cold for plowing etc or in the future if, god forbid, DT becomes a busy, busy place again. I say lets kick it up a notch and do something progressive.