Green to Run for Mayor

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported that Phyllis Green, former alderman, is attempting to run against Tucker in the Republican Primary:

Phyllis J. Green is making a last-minute effort to run for mayor. The former alderwoman said she didn’t start circulating nominating petitions until Tuesday. Today is the deadline to submit petitions to the Niagara County Board of Elections...
 Reasons for running:
Green said that in the course of volunteering for other candidates, she has found that residents are unhappy about three major issues. She said, “They didn’t like the [new] assessments. They didn’t like the [new system for collecting] garbage. And they don’t like what happened to Mike Hoffman.”
The garbage system is not different than the town's and offers cheaper options. The assessments are required by the state and were non-politically done by a private firm. They are human and made errors but what could a mayor have done different? I don't see Hoffman as a running platform though there are pry some out there that do.

I await to see what  the 4 currently in the fold lay out substantial that would show attempts at changes to the slow decline we are on.


Anonymous said...

Phyllis Green, Jack Smith, and Mike Pilot are running for mayor trying to replace Mike Tucker?? If I didnt read it in the paper I would think it was a big joke!! Jack Smith is the biggest phony there is, when you record conversations without letting those involved know, you are a snake plain and simple!! Soon we will be rid of him in city politics for good and it couldnt happen soon enough!! Mike Pilot has good intentions but no political experience maybe he should try serving on the council first before he runs for mayor!! I find it rather odd that he is sooo against the garbage program only now that he has decided to run for mayor!! Where was he last year or 6 months ago?? Only now do we see him at the council meetings complaining!!! Seems he is only concerned about city politics every 2 years!!! As for Phyllis Green, she was a joke as an alderwomen and will be a joke as mayor!! Give me one positive thing she has done for this city besides complain!!!! She just likes to hear herself talk, I dont mind people stating thier opinion but it would be nice if you had your facts straight before you made a comment! I know the city is a much better place now than it was when she was an alderwomen!! Mayor Tucker may not be the best mayor the city has ever had, but I think considering our other options we would be better served with him winning his re-election bid!!!

GI Joe said...

Hey..you forgot a couple of insults!

How does it feel to carry Tucker's water?

Anonymous said...

why don't you run?

Oh to busy cutting tucker's grass?

Anonymous said...

gee..good thing "you don't nnind people stating their opinions....

wow are we lucky...go give you speach somewhere. elsenwa wa wa wa wa....

Betsy Ross said...

"I find it rather odd"

We find you rather odd..is it Ken?

Ken Arrow-nose?

Gi Joe said...

LOL you are thinking of Glenn...not Ken

Captain Carl said...

you are one sick puppy Anon blow-hard with the run-on sentences..you and Tucker were High School lovers I heard???

hitler said...

look like smith is showing his true colors

Although not much surprises us much in politics, we occasionally see things that make us shake our heads. One of those instances has arisen in the past 24 hours, during which time multiple sources familiar with the situation told us that City of Lockport Alderman Jack Smith revealed to the council that he has been secretly recording executive session meetings of the city council. Smith, who is abandoning his council seat in a run for mayor of the city, has been secretly recording the council's executive sessions for the past year.

Frankly, Smith's Nixonian approach to governing is very disturbing. Executive sessions are confidential proceedings for a reason, which has been defined by law. While we're not going to speculate on Smith's motives or intentions, the fact that he is willing to stoop to such levels for what appears to be his personal political gain is unconscionable. It also completely undermines any semblance of trust within that room when council members get together to discuss issues which fall under the purview of executive session.

Smith needs to answer for this underhanded tactic; he owes an explanation to his colleagues on the council, and more importantly, he needs to explain to the people who elected him why he feels it's necessary to resort to secretly tape record these meetings. He also needs to explain to the voters who he expects to vote for him for mayor why he's done what he's done. Given Smith's track record, we won't hold our breath.

Nonetheless, we have serious concerns about the legality of Smith's actions. We strongly encourage Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante to investigate Smith's tapings to determine if any laws have been violated. If nothing else, the public's trust in Smith has been violated.

GI Joe said...

Wow..If it's true...I'd like to hear those tapes! The true colors of everyone will be exposed.

Open governnnent..I love it!

Anonymous said...

Everyone's undies are in a bundle over what they said..

Rule #1 don't say it if you don't want it on the front page of the paper.

Anonymous said...

It's true.
Look in yesterday's Union Sun - for once, Joyce Miles is telling the truth.

Moe said...

What's everyone afraid of?..what are they hiding? Let the sun shine on City Hall business!

I'm glad this happened!

All of the "Uncommon Council" members start crying about the confidentiality of "Executive Sessions" so what do they do..? They come out of executive session and start talking to the media about what just took place in executive session!

What a bunch of hypocrites!

Open up all of the meetings with very few exceptions. If you're a council member and have something to hide..then go ahead and object.

Mike Tucker describing this action as unethical is the biggest joke of all! What's that saying about the kettle?

No laws were broken here and Mr. Tucker knows it, and so does his "side-kick Johnny O'. Just more desperate political BS being spread by a team that's desperate for an issue to pin on Smith and they can't find one..ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ya..lets have Tucker debate Phyllis Green on the issue of "ethics"

Here's the box score

Phyllis 1 Tucker 0

Anonymous said...

Now that Smith has been exposed as having some ethics problems maybe someone should check out what he is getting from being the local leader of the HV organization.

Anonymous said...

Smith told them that he has been doing this.
As to laws being broken? Wait.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what you publish those tapes and you will see lawsuits that will bankrupt this city. Employee records are confidential. As far as I know there are still some rights in America.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger issue here is that someone on the Commom Council talked about confidential information from executive session to a blogger. This looks like a typical election move by the Republicans. The mayor talking about ethics? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Instead of shooting your mouth off..read the article in the Buff News. The experts on the law know that the information belongs to the City..and guess what?...You and I are the City.

If the Mayor is misguided enough to ask that the tapes be published....you fill in the Blanks.

They could be FOIL'd but who cares? Smith has nothing to hide...do the others?

GI Joe said...

Hey Anonimi...If you're descriptions of "questionable ethics" includes an open government, then you my friend are the one with a serious ethics problem. I want all of the meetings to be opened to public scrutiny. If the Mayor is smart he and his buddy Glen will pray tonight that people will stop talking about this issue. The outcome will favor Smith. The council is guilty of discussing the details of executive sessions all of the time. Just ask Prohaska and Miles.

Personnel information can not be FOIL'd.so put that idea back in your pocket. Knock off the BS. Your lack of knowledge is astonishing!

Find another issue to get all bothered about.

Moe said...

All ya have to do is read the "Niagarknuclehead.blog and you'll get a real flavor for what this is all about...

This is a weak attempt by some party "regulars" to try and turn a "horse" into a "donkey. If this story gets anymore twisted in the wind it will take off like a helicopter.

Closed door sessions my A55. If a members of the Lockport Common Council are saying or doing things behind closed doors that will get the city in trouble, illegal or unethical things, they need to stop.

Why do we always want to kill the messenger? And don't mention the Tucker administration and ethics in the same sentence again. I almost lost my lunch!

Anonymous said...

bet you it came up when Ottaviano asked if anybody has said anything bad that would effect the hoffman case, someone said no, and smith said yes you did and i have it on tape!

Anonymous said...

oh ..were YOU that fly I saw on the wall?

Anonymous said...


John Adams said...

If comments are being made to the press about information discussed in closed door Executive Sessions, then the Mayor needs to discipline a few Alderman..and then turn the hammer on himself do to his latest breach of confidentiality.

MOST are guilty of blabbing to the press about what was discussed behind closed doors.

So are they all Law breakers? Of course not.

According to that idiot at the Niagara Blog spot, we need to call in Homeland Security.

"Fools rush in where wise men never go"

Patti said...

I think the real story here is how Herr Schicklgruber has suddenly acquired a command of the English language - punctuation & spelling included.
The rest I'll leave to the experts.

Anonymous said...

the Mayors right-hand-man needs to be versed in English...one of them has to be...

Anonymous said...

I love how people write on here and dont know the facts or people's names for that matter!! Anyone that can stick up for Jack Smith has serious issues!!! I see alot of bitching and complaining but noone has the guts to run for office!! From where I sit I see it as jealousy and if thats thats truly the case its rather sad!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon be serious. I was really hoping King Tuck would have a serious competitor this year but Smith just shot himself in the foot, Green is kinda crazy and doesn't she live in Fla all winter(?) and who the heck is Pilot?
Sadly it looks like another cakewalk.

Jim said...

I'm just curious, did Mr. Smith ever threaten to divulge anything to the public that he had allegedly recorded? It didn't appear as such when I read the newspaper... In fact, I guess I'm confused because he said he wasn't going to discuss anything that ocurred in closed sessions. So really, who is this ultimately going to hurt? The Council? Tucker? Why are they all making such a big deal of this? I thought the ordeal in question had taken place in a closed session meeting? Who's the one leaking this information now? Obviously someone other than Smith.

I've been hearing from very reliable sources that Tucker and his cronies are very worried these days, I guess they probably would go to all extremes to make the opponent look bad. The bigger question you should ask is, is Tucker the one that possibly shot himself in the foot?

G.I.Joe said...

My understanding is that the recordings were only being used as a reference tool and there was no plan to make anything public. The only reason Mr. Smith told anyone he had the tapes was because he was asked by the City Attorney if anyone had said anything about Mike Hoffman in closed session, assuming that if they were called to testify they would have to admit to it.

This was a sensationalized political stunt by Mike Tucker and others to try and hang something around Smith's neck, and it backfired.

Moe said...

More BS from the "Anonymous" wing of the Mike Tucker fan club Glen Aronow..President and Cheif instigator.

If I had to rely on a"freebee" city job to make a living, I'd post some ambiguous, unrelated, hyperbole, about MY BOSSES opponent too! If you think "Smith just shot himself in the foot" you aren't paying attention. ( shocked look on my face!!! :-O

Like a bunch of lemmings, you'll say or do what ever you're told. And to think, you people are currently running the city!

What a scary freakn' thought.

Anonymous said...

No one has clean hands here - but Smith's are filthy.

Moe said...

Anonymous ...If you knew what you were talking about you'd be dangerous.

Tucker leaked information from an Executive Session to the press, Smith hasn't leaked anything.There are no rules against recording. The ES and their content are public information.

Tucker is the culprit. He broke the rules.

Get your head screwed on straight and report back to us later.

Anonymous said...

I am def a Tucker basher, but Smith just screwed up big time. Undisclosed recording of a private meeting is illegal. If it wasn't illegal he would have had the recorder on the table, not hidden it.
Stupid stupid stupid!!
I was looking forward to him giving Tucker a tough race, he might as well drop out now.

Anonymous said...

What is everyones problem there is no such thing as an honest politician.if you all think there was then you all have major issues you should always read between the lines.
There all cutthroat and will tell you what you want to here.Its election year move on beleive the best lie you all know after election it will be i said this and said that but we need to do this but thank you for the vote im about to say frrruk everything i said and say this is the way it is . dont you people know the life of a politician Its lie lie then we get the goat.Then we can do what we want for the years till another politician steps in Dont you people get it
If you dont feel sorry for you .
Make sure your ahead of the game so you have money set aside to pay for this political BS
Taxes on taxes is the only game there playing

Moes Buddy said...

Moe - you are most kind. I realize that you're a Smith guy, but Tucker is not the bad one here. Exec. sessions are not public. If they were-why wdnt they talk about stuff from the front of the room?
And guess what? I DO know what I'm talking about. Time for Smith to get out - fast. Before it gets really really bad for him.

"When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield."

Moe said...

First I'm not a Smith guy, I'm an honest government guy.

From where I sit Smith has nothing to worry about and Tucker has everything to worry about.
You keep forgetting Mike Tucker leaked Executive Session business when he gave Joyce Miles the skinny on the recordings by Smith...Smith never did.

The only part of the Executive Session that IS confidential is the voting record of individual members.

Now pay attention I'll try to type as slooooow as I can. You can FOIL anything you want related to the content of Executive Sessions.

Every time they ( City Council) want to talk about something they don't want reported in the paper(s) they call an Executive Session and kick everyone out of the room. Most of time it's unnecessary, but that's the way Mike Tucker likes it. Then he can be selective about what gets leaked.

Actually Buddy...you don't know what you're talking about, and suggesting that It's going to get "really really bad for him" (Smith) sounds like a threat. Is that how you guys "play the game"?

Moes Buddy said...

No threats from me, pal. Never. If anything I'm trying to help him. The sooner he drops out of sight the better for him. I have nothing to do with whatever will transpire whether he stays in the race or not. I don't like any of these people. They've all broken trust with the public.
This isn't the first time Jack's talked out of school.
And don't treat me like a 5 year old who doesn't know common courtesy. Quit insulting me.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing that can be reported from an exec session is the topic they were discussing, for example 'personnel matters'. It is not just the votes that are confidential. You cannot FOIL exec sessions.
I don't like Tucker, but Smith is obviously not every intelligent to secretly record those sessions and then tell everybody he did.
It's too bad the democrats aren't bright enough to get someone who can get elected to run against King Tuck, as Smith's career is obviously over and Pilot can't get elected.

GI Joe said...

For the benefit of those of you who think you know what you're talking about.....

"New York is a one-party consent state for recording; that is, in New
York a person can secretly or openly engage in recording a
conversation so long as they are physically a party to the
conversation being recorded.

Now..Moe and Moe's Buddy can keep trying to explain their position, but it's much easier to refer to the actual law.

Anonymous said...

lie lie lie Joe

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:59 if you knew the Open Meetings Law, you would know that just "Personnel Matters" does not constitute a closed session meeting.

Now this is what does confuses me.... was Hoffman terminated or was his position eliminated due to consolidations? Are both scenarios considered closed session?

Anonymous said...

Robert Freeman from the Office of Open Meetings has said it is NOT illegal to record during executive session. Tucker should not have disclosed executive session details to the media. What this looks likes is the same ole same ole. Remember when that aide to Jane Corwin went after Jack Davis? I think Tucker and his buddies are throwing everything and anything out there to see what sticks. Wait til they go after Phyllis Green, I'm willing to bet she's next. Pillot is no threat so he's safe, but Smith and Green are both going to be a problem for Tucker.

Jim Morrison said...

The Tucker Crew is starting to look really bad right about now. They don't know the law.

but isn't that what this administration is all about? Shoot from the hip...and then spin your blunder attempting to develop your own version of the truth?

Tucker's got egg on his face for getting caught leaking the meeting content to Joyce Miles in an attempt to make Jack Smith look bad. Ms Miles should have known better and should have sighted the Open Meeting Law, and the "One party Consent" statute in her article. She needs to display a little more "independence".

Sorry..the law is not on your side on this one Mr. Mayor.

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