Refuse Public Hearing.

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The LUSJ reported that the refuse public hearing is tomorrow night at 6:

A public hearing will be held Wednesday on a proposed local law defining the city’s transition to private refuse pickup and curbside recycling.

The hearing will begin shortly after the 6 p.m. opening of the Common Council’s business meeting in Council chambers at City Hall.

The proposed local law spells out refuse disposal dos and don’ts for residential and commercial properties citywide. Primarily, it directs the exclusive use of city-supplied, wheeled and lidded refuse and recycling “carts” for disposing of trash and recyclable glass, metal, plastic and paper, all to be picked up by a private hauling company. 
Interesting to note:
Trash-picking and scavenging are prohibited; once a property owner’s trash and recyclable goods are put to the curb, they’re considered city property. That’s because Modern’s contract rate is predicated on volumes of trash and recyclables that it expects to collect in the Lock City, City Attorney John Ottaviano said; it’s especially interested in the recyclables because it can make money off those materials.
I wonder how active the LPD will be in enforcing this and how the city will let the scavengers know. I'll miss the parade of trucks that roll by every Thursday.

Here is a scanned hard copy of the proposed law as of last Tuesday. I cannot vouch for how up to date it is but everything you would like to know should be inside.

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hitler said...

"Trash-picking and scavenging are prohibited; once a property owner’s trash and recyclable goods are put to the curb, they’re considered city property."


how is that even legally enforceable?

Moe said...

It might be legally enforceable..but not physically enforceable...you can count on people going after the recyclables..maybe they'll be scared off by the Pink Cans?

MJ said...

I may have deleted a comment here by mistake.

The proposed law is linked above. There is no need to go to city hall to read it.

The existing law can be reached by the link on the left "Code of City of Lockport"

Moe said...

was that a Refuse hearing last night, or a "refuse" hearing..like in...

We refuse to listen to anyone who has an idea different than ours.

Anonymous said...

Saw Mike Pilott on the tube last night..nice man.

but he couldn't be the "Mayor of Munchkinland"

Anonymous said...

So, if I put a piece of garbage in the recycle bin that doesn't belong, I will get fined???

Great! That's a great plan to encourage recycling. Why take the chance....

hitler said...

even worse, if i put something out for garbage, someone cannot do the 'green' thing and reuse it. not very green if you ask me. i'd bet that almost all of us have put something out that someone picked at one time. heck, i've put things out specifically because i knew a picker would grab it, because that was the only way i could get rid of it

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