Lockport's Main Street Program

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(Image: Main and Pine St - Lockport NY)

The Buffalo News has reported on Lockport's fledgling Main St. Program.

The city’s new downtown promotional effort is trying to build from humble beginnings.

Heather Peck, the program manager, is working at a spare table in the City Hall accounting office while a search goes on for permanent office space.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, which in September inducted Lockport into its Main Street Program, urges all communities to place the program office in the business district, not in City Hall.

“This isn’t really a government program. It’s a community program,” Ruth L. Earl, vice chairwoman of the Lockport Main Street Inc. board, said Friday....

I'll be sending off an e-mail to Peck to find out more info on what the volunteer aspects are. It sounds like it could be interesting:

Following the guidelines laid down by the National Trust, the 11-member board is working on finding volunteers for four teams, specializing in organization, design, promotions and economic restructuring.

I'll post up on what I find out.
It's a shame that Lockport (like most others) blindly followed the Urban "renewal" money path that tore down the very buildings (older ones) that support and nurture new businesses. Finding places that can handle the burden of new-build debt is tough and is usually reserved for well established/chain operations. Subsidies are usually required to pay to build up the empty fields/lots our past demolition sins produced. Hopefully there are enough people out there who find the challenge of bringing it back up a worthwhile and rewarding cause.


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