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Posted by MJ

In a discussion over at the LUSJ forums why people choose illegal dumping over large garbage pick-up was brought up. Lack of information on large garbage pick-up within the city was mentioned. I wrote city hall since I did not recall much on E-Lockport regarding the "rules" last time I checked. At this time tough there does now appear to be more information here: City Highway Dept.

Mayor Tucker was kind enough to give me some "quick" information and mentioned he would try to get me a more detailed written policy to post up if more information exists. I will update this post if anything else is received. I'll also create a Lockport FAQ link box over on the left for topics such as this, snow removal, etc.

Lockport Garbage pick-up:

  1. If it is put out correctly, it will be picked up. Do not place curbside more than 24hrs in advance

  2. Garbage cans or bundles can not be over 50lbs.

  3. Wood must be bundled in 4ft sections with nails removed or hammered down

  4. Carpeting must be bundled in 4ft sections

  5. Appliances can go out on garbage day or the streets dept can be called for a pick-up date. It is preferred when buying new to arrange disposal through the store. All be sure to have refrigerant removed from refrigerators.

  6. Large limbs that fall can be placed butt end to the street

  7. Grass and yard waste can be placed in an open container on regular pickup day.

  8. Tires are accepted at the land fill on Rt 93 for $2.00 charge. Old Computer equipment (including monitors) is accepted free of charge for recycling. Old TV's incur a $25 fee.

  9. The City provides free recycling bins for clean glass, plastic and tin cans at the landfill.

  10. Large loads of hard construction waste are accepted at the landfill for a fee/ton with a minimum fee. I've used it and it is an easy process at a fair price.

  11. Any other questions call the Highway Dept at 716.433.1267


Anonymous said...

So are they going to take the tax dollars we already pay that is counted in with our taxes and give them back to us so we can pay this new garbage fee, or steal it from us and charge us a 2nd time to put our trash out? I see it as a new way to slide in a new tax on something we ALL are already paying for in our taxes now! This is crazy, the fees just keep going up and our pay does not!

Thanks for listening, I am open to any tea parties on city hall on any more taxes, this is just about it for us. How much more are we to take? I know I have a point on paying twice for the same service.

Does anyone care or is there a way to force them to refund what we already pay to pay for this? I do like the toat idea for a good reason, it helps keep rats out of the city neighborhoods and trash.

My soulution? We could pay for the toat and then pic our trash for what we pay already in out taxes or refund us.


MJ said...

As has been gone over before, the discussion about having to cut taxes an equal amount has already been publicly aired by those on the board/mayor's office. Everyone is expecting it hence the trouble with implimenting it. Be sure to attend the council meetign to air your opinions when they have the public comment period and let your alderman know directly.

The big savings here will be less employees on the public paysheet/pension and halting the free for all dumping at the curb. No different than when water meters were added. If you want to fill a pool, etc pay for it. If you want to dump everything under the sun at the curb, pay for it.

I think they will find a valid option. The gov't should be an overseer of service providors who bid for the work. A good number of systems do not need to be under the public umbrella.

Alderman Jack Smith said...

I can only speak for myself when I tell you that I will not be a part of any "shell" games when it comes to this issue. If we are going to get out of the garbage business then I fully expect that portion of taxes to come out of the budget. Again, I am only speaking for myself, keep a close eye on you Alderman to find out where he or she stands on this issue. I also believe that the City should employ a 'zero balance budget' plan this year asking every department for a detailed explanation of the funding they need to operate and not just using past budgets as benchmarks for their requests. I will go on record here and state "I will vote no on any form of increased taxes". Some will call that naive and idealistic, I call it being fiscally responsible to the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alderman Jack Smith Im sure others appreciate your view as ours, we want the money accounted for and not increased to pay for services we already are paying for. I do say I like the toat idea it keeps rats out and such but paying twice, NO WAY! So that should = out some way. The increases are getting old, I wouldnt mind purchasing toats but not paying for trash pickup anew. I am a stickler for putting it out not before 7 the night before and neatly. Thanks to all for listening to me rant about things like this, I love this blog and I really think it does some good as I see Some Authority figures do watch, listen and even respond to our needs, concerns etc.

Anonymous said...

i hope to see a lot of people walk away from there homes. how much do the taxpayers have to stand for. maybe start picketing city hall.

G.I.Joe said...

It looks like things are moving forward..but there still are question that need to be answered. There is talk about a $400,000 savings per year over the cost of collection today. The last thing I read was that the actual city employees that were the "pickers" will remain on the payroll meaning, benefits including legacy costs will remain and escalate under the new program.

Has anyone been furloughed?
Is the cost of having to retain the City employees reflected in the final savings?

Is the information I have correct or complete?

Anonymous said...

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