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(Image F&M Building, Main St. Lockport NY)

Heather Peck responded to my e-mail. She supplied the following text in a word document:

Lockport Main Street, Inc.

Lockport Main Street, Inc. is a newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to promoting downtown Lockport, attracting new businesses to Lockport, and providing support to existing businesses in Lockport. Lockport has been included along with Albion and Lyons as one of three communities in western New York to be designated an official “Main Street Community” by the eastern Erie Canal Main Street Program, an organization affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The program will use a four-point approach which focuses on: Design, Promotion, Economic Restructuring and Organization. This approach, developed by the National Trust’s Main Street Center (NTMSC), “advocates a return to a sense of community, local empowerment, and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian friendly environment, personal service and local ownership.” The NTMSC will provide technical assistance and training to communities designated as Main Street communities by the Western Erie Canal Main Street Program.

Newly appointed Lockport Main Street, Inc. Program Manager Heather Peck and a board of 11 community and business leaders have high hopes for the program, which has had great success in revitalizing downtowns in communities around the country. Visit http://www.mainstreet.org/
to view national success stories and for more information.

Lockport Main Street, Inc. is currently looking for volunteers to join our four volunteer teams which are based on the National Trust’s Main Street Center’s four-point approach. They are:
Design Team – Focuses on: design education and technical assistance, financial assistance and incentives, and public improvements planning and regulation review.
Organization Team – Focuses on: communications and membership, volunteer and leadership development, and fundraising.
Promotion Team – Focuses on: downtown image enhancement and marketing, retail events assistance, and special events development.
Economic Restructuring Team – Focuses on: data development for downtown business and markets, business retention and recruitment strategies, and property development.

If you are interested in joining one of our teams, please contact Heather Peck by email at: heatherbpeck@yahoo.com. We hope to hear from you!

As noted in the text the National Trust Main Street Center website has a lot more information, though a lot of the how-it's-been-done is left for members. It is still an interesting read and the success stories do show what dedicated enthusiastic volunteers can accomplish.

I've requested a little more information on the volunteer efforts/process and will report back.

Original post here.
UPDATE: 01/07/09:
Received an e-mail from Heather stating that there will be some type of open house for those with possible interest in volunteering. It will occur sometime after procurement and set-up of the permanent office space.


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