Lockport Rink Grant Delays

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The Buffalo News is reporting delays in the grant that is allowing the Lockport Ice Arena and Sports Center to purchase the large empty Benderson owned building on Chestnut St. The $400k grant is delayed due to the filing of a wrong form but is expected to still come through even in light of the current economic/budget issues in Albany. The error looks to push back the opening of the facility to spring 2010 instead of fall of this year.

Ottaviano said Lockport Ice Arena filed a short version of a mandatory environmental-impact statement, but it turns out that a long-form version was
required. That hasn’t been completed yet, he said. Also sought by the Dormitory Authority are an appraisal of the building, a revised budget for the group, and proof that Benderson has extended the real estate contract to allow for the delay in funding. Ottaviano said a private-sector bridge loan has been lined up to pay Benderson even if the grant is further delayed.

Also some further info on future fundraising.

Meanwhile, the Ice Arena board met Saturday with Marie Battaglia, a Buffalo
fundraising consultant, about strategy for a fund drive. Ottaviano said the group needs $3.9 million to install a 200-by-85-foot sheet of ice in the old store, along with a few bleachers and some other amenities.

Although area residents will be asked to donate, Ottaviano said, “The public aspect will not be in the forefront. The first objective will be to approach endowments and

I was (and still am) excited about this project. Having it DT will add people, money and diversity to the core and it will provide an amenity to residents along with bringing in visitors.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to this project?? Hopefully someone can let me know, I emailed Marc Smith a couple of times and no response.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the city could declare the old twin fair building a historical building like the Lockport trophy building and then they can get historical tax credits!
Oh, wait - the low income people we are trying to attract to the city probably don't skate though....

MJ said...

Lockport Trophey was not declared historical. The poperty it is on is in a historical disctrict.

There was an article a while back on the rink that I did not get around to posting. The state grant was finally paid which they used to pay off the "loan" they got to purchase the building cheap. Also mentioned they are still working on finding donors for the project.

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