"Most Controversial Election"

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported on the candidates and issues in the City of Lockport in advance of tomorrow's primaries. I took note of the opening paragraph:

In an election year that’s shaping up as more controversial than any the city has seen in a long time, voters in both major parties and three minor parties will head for the polls Tuesday to choose candidates for mayor....
Note that is does not say "The most insightful", "The most forward thinking", The Biggest Breath of Fresh Air" etc. Even the "controversies" are overly contrived to try to differentiate candidates who may otherwise be undifferentiated.

To me the best candidate would be able to sell him/herself on their ideas alone with no need to mention what the other is doing wrong. There would be no need to if new, well-researched, proven ideas were being provided. If nothing else, we would actually have ideas to debate the merits of.


Anonymous said...

I think for the most part the candidates haven't been too bad with the exception of Pilots "Garbage-Armageddon" statement.

It's the supporters, mostly those that think they can bully candidates out of an election using threats and story telling.

If anyone read this blog over the weekend they would think that we were all crazy.

MJ said...

I can tell you personally that some of candidates see the craziness. I will admit my sanity is foremost ;) It's sad that commenters can't see that they are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

MJ the only problem is don't you feel that we should know if a person has had problems in the past, if they are truly someone we can trust with our money?
I don't understand why we can't expect jack Smith to detail his past. If we were interviewing him for a job we would, he is trying to get elected to a position where he will be the primary person responsible for a $20M+ budget.

Anonymous said...

It's Primary Day!
Get out and Vote!

MJ said...

Talking to them they have not had one. That's all anyone would have to do.

Xavier said...
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MJ said...

Deleted. If you have proof of any trouble present it.

Anonymous said...

George all the info you desire is out there. Go find it.

LucianoLockport said...

I bet this is the last time the niagara county legislature ignores a little old lady trying to get information on environmental clean up efforts. Shriley Nicholas just beat Richelle Pasceri. http://www.wgrz.com/news/elections/results/results.aspx?raceid=190 Go Shirley!!! Pasceri was great in pushing recycling, but she didn't do anything for THIS WARD. So many issues to be raised in the 1st Ward, and Shirley is the one to do it.

Xavier said...

I agree with Luciano. She also didn't campaign in the Primary leaving Mrs. Nicholas with the win. Mrs. Nicholas, probably, knocked on every Republican's door and spoke to them. She sent hand-written thank-you notes and called to remind people of the Primary.
I bet, when they release the numbers, the First Ward will have the highest percentage rate iof voters n the City.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know anything about Ann McCarfrey?
I don't even know how to spell her name..!
Why???..because she's running un-opposed race and assumes she doesn't have to meet anyone.

I hope her attitude toward governance is better than her instincts about what the people in the 2nd Ward are looking for.

Xavier said...


Anonymous said...

that says it all..from what I hear she's part of the Ulrich Sign company family. There's a lot of crap in the second ward that needs attention. I hope this un-opposed candidate is ready to get to work.

The city doesn't need anymore hand picked friend of George Maziars to fill the common council.

She needs to show up ready to work..and yes...leave your rubber stamp at home Ann.

Anonymous said...

Shirley can even take care of her own home and you want her to take care of the first ward?? and she hasnt knocked on any doors they dont want her seen or spoken to without Jean Kinney telling her what to say!! You really want this lady working on your budget???

Xavier said...

Jean Keaney, Phyllis Green, Donna Piezala - insert any of those names and you have Shirley Nicholas.
For some reason these people, and others closely connected to Jack Smith, decided to chat up Shirley and encourage her to run.
Shirley seems to be a nice lady - I don't know her personally but I imagine she was pleased to be receiving all this nice attention and decided to do as others asked - she put her name on the ballot. You have to give her credit for that.
On the other hand, why haven't these other people put their names on ballots? It is my opinion that they are using her, begging the question: For what?
I sincerely don't think she's physically up to the job. I hope she isn't permanently hurt by this experience. What on earth could Jean have promised her to inveigle her to run? And the First Ward is not just Flintkote. Nor is the City of Lockport. An Alderman's duties are City wide - not just their own backyard.

Anonymous said...

I think "X" is in the first ward, so she has the right to be concerned as does anyone else from the First Ward about who could be their Alderman.

Correction: Jean Keeney was never a supporter of Jack Smith,nor was Phylis Green, or Donna Pieszala to the best of my knowledge. They may share a dislike for Mr. Mike, but calling them "Smith Supporters" is stretching it a bit.

I think the "others closely connected with Jack Smith decided to chat her up" is not an accurate statement.( I'm being polite)

I know of only a handful of people who should actually be running the city, and they aren't in office today, or running for office.

" you dance with the one who brung ya"

Xavier said...

I am in the First Ward.
I humbly disagree with your contention that Mrs. Pieszala was not a supporter of Jack Smith. As to Ms. Keeney and/or Phyllis Green, Mrs. Nicholas was often seen in the company of these two ladies. I was never a party to their conversations so I sure can't say what their actual connection is/was.
On the few occasions I found myself listening to WLVL - Mrs. Pieszala made many favorable remarks regarding Mr. Smith.
I don't dispute your position that all of these ladies are simply against the Powers That Be. This election is most definitely one in which voters, IF they bother to go to the polls, will be voting against someone rather than for anyone. I really hate this. My hatred of this state of affairs has nothing to do with the persons running or these ladies, but the lack of choices we're faced with.
I still don't think Mrs. Nicholas is capable of the physical burdens and stress she'd be faced with if she won. My health concerns probably couldn't handle it either. That would not be good for my Ward. Again, I give her a hell of a lot of credit for putting her name on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

As far as Donna P. I've heard her say complimentary things to and about a lot of politicians, but I wouldn't describer her a a "supporter".
I'd describe her as a smart women.

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