Garbage Changeover Set

Posted by MJ

The LUSJ reported.

Modern Disposal will begin refuse pickup in the city Oct. 10, officials confirmed Monday.

Delivery of 17,000 refuse and recycling carts to all residential and some commercial properties will start next week, Dawn Timm, the city’s refuse and recycling adviser, said. Cascade Engineering is bringing the carts to Lockport in nine tractor trailers on Friday; GM Components is allowing its west plant to be used as an assembly area where wheels and lids will be installed on the carts. From there, finished carts will be delivered to city homes and businesses Monday pickup route first, then Tuesday route and so on.

That’ll take an expected 10 to 12 days, and by the time the Friday-route carts are delivered, Modern will already be at work picking up people’s refuse and recyclables....
 I am very curious to see how much of my trash will be recycle related. I also look forward to replacing my aging cans which I have been holding off on replacing in anticipation of the new system.Two more weeks left to "clean house".


Karen said...

As per Buffalo News article on 9/28:

“For the first several weeks, residents and businesses will be able to dispose of additional materials outside of their carts” to provide ample time to adjust to the new system, Pasceri said.

I wonder if they will be letting us know what "additional materials" we will be allowed to put out before getting fined or needing to purchase extra bags and for how many weeks we will be allowed to this.

MJ said...

Not sure. Although the idea seems nice, it does appear to possibly just shift the confusion down the road. We'll see how they communicate it.

Xavier said...


Anonymous said...

is this working?????

MJ said...


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