Garbage Prices

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The Buffalo News and the LUSJ are reporting that the garbage prices are now set:

...If that goes as planned, Monday, Oct. 17, will be the first day for the privatized garbage system to be operated by Modern Disposal. All properties will receive a recycling tote. Most will be 64 gallons, although 1,500 96-gallon recycling bins are being ordered, Timm said.The annual price of a single 35- gallon tote will be $132.50. The user fee for one 64-gallon tote is $162, and the tab for a 96-gallon tote is $185.50...
...Timm said the prices will not be altered for at least the first three years. City Treasurer Michael E. White said the user fees will be billed semiannually, starting in 2012, with half due each May and the other half due in October...
 As for what we owe for this year's city collection up to that point:
...The city charge isn’t final yet, but it will be less than $150 per property, White said. Property owners will have 60 days to pay it without a late penalty...
It is nice to also see some residents doing some leg work:
...Without naming names, Sheila Tracy of Grosvenor Street took on Democratic mayoral candidate Mike Pillot and others who’ve complained the Modern variable-cart program is too complicated, convoluted and/or unfair. Pillot in particular has suggested the contract between Modern and the city has the latter “working for” the former, as the city is taking on billing duties.

Tracy said she inquired in the towns of Lockport, Pendleton and Newfane, which all have private hauling and curbside recycling but no cart requirement, and learned: The towns, not the haulers, bill every property for refuse service; and none of them cuts “snowbirds” a fee break for the months they’re not here....
It would be nice if those doing the critiquing would have done this research first. It is possible that they could have and just held on to the information.

I got around 30 bags to the curb last in an effort to "spring clean" before the totes come. It's amazing how much junk I've held on to. Hopefully I can get to the garage in the next couple weeks.


Karen said...

I made sure that I put out a couple of the bigger items now so that I don't have to wait for Modern to get them. What's funny is that we called the city to notify them of the large item so that it would get picked up (since we live on a dead end road we didn't want it to get missed like our leaves & branches often do) and it wasn't outside for more than 10 minutes before the garbage pickers in their pick-up grabbed it up. They were driving up & down our road all evening as if they knew that we were throwing something out. Does the city give the list to them so that it's less work for them on garbage day? Just curious.

MJ said...

No. There are multiple ones that just cruise the city. One evening while working in the yard I had at least 5 different pickups come by. Though I guess it is possible that someone who knew someone gave a tip.

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