Mall Demo Prep Has Begun

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported that interior prep work for the demolition of the mall has begun while Smart Growth still tosses out verbal lawsuit teases.

"Interior work has begun to prepare for the demolition of the Lockport Mall to make way for a Walmart supercenter, Town Supervisor Marc R. Smith said Thursday.

General Growth Properties, which sold the site to Walmart for $3.95 million, hired a contractor to do the work. Smith said removal of light fixtures and ceiling tiles containing asbestos started about two weeks ago and is expected to last two months.

After that, it will take about 10 days to tear down the mall..."
Below is an example of a Walmart (or any big box for that matter) with other store fronts integrated into the structure. It may seem forward thinking but look at places like the Palace Theater, or Shea's Theater in Buffalo and you can see it is just a thought come full circle. Instead of painted racing stripes on the cinder block or fake facades, why not some real stores/activity? Newer Walmarts are filled with salons/restaurants/banks etc in the front already. Just put in some front doors instead of blank walls......


Anonymous said...

the site work has begun and the people doing the work are from out of state no local workers are being used to remove lights and the asbestos. so much for your hometown wal mart.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Walmart. General Growth is responsible for the demolition.

Rocketboy said...

Because people from out of state don't deserve jobs?

Or the people who work in or own hotels that the out of state workers are staying at don't deserve jobs?

Or the people that work in or own restaurants that out of state workers eat at don't deserve jobs?

Or maybe, just maybe, the local labor market is not competative... that you can get the same quality of work and spend less (including the cost of temporarily moving a workforce to a new area, or even to a different state)...

Face it, if it's cheaper to pay for a labor force to move to a new state for weeks at a time than pay the local labor force, the locals only have themselves to blame.

MJ said...

Most larger companies have their own contracting subsidiaries that they use job to job. It provides them direct control and simplifies things since most of their structures are similar. It also cuts out the profit margin that would go to an outside contractor. Not sure if this is the case here.

Anonymous said...

wrong i'm pretty sure Barone is doing it all & they are based out of niagara county

Anonymous said...

A Lockport Co. is doing the actual demo.. and I believe has hired subs to do the abiatment.

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