AES.. number one priority?

Posted by Black Phillip


Helping keep AES Somerset viable is a top priority of Niagara County in 2011, legislature Chairman William Ross declared Tuesday in his State of the County address.
How about this for a change, making Niagara County friendly to ALL businesses and residents becoming the number one priority, and not one specific company who may (or may not) be running a failing plant*.

* I have no idea how well the Somerset plant is ran, nor do I make any claims that I do. But does William Ross know?



MJ said...

Probably akin to the old Lockport-Delphi relationship. When your only cash cow is starting to run out of milk times get desperate. You are correct in the best plan lies in expanding and diverisfying your herd.

You also have instances like the article last week of rewarding a city-town jump by giving away taxes for 10 years. Why not just a low rate for everyone for an fair even playing feild that attacts investment from the start?

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